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Problem definitionhayaku
Oct 28, 2002 5:13 PM
So my first racing season has just finished and I'm now in the process of designing a new training plan.

Looking back at my season I think the biggest weakness I had was the ability to perform a high intensity work interval several times. No matter what the intensity level, sprinting or time trialing, my power output fell each time and often took me out of contention for a victory.

The times that this showed was on repeated hills, but also in crit races and racing more than twice in a day. As the race wore on I found it more and more difficult to produce the effort needed. The first ones were easy but the last one got me, kind of thing.

I have been riding for about a year and a half now and think that this faliure may be due to endurance. However, endurance training is at a significantly lower intensity level than the times when I ran into problems.

How would you define this problem? Endurance, Muscular endurance, Speed endurance?

Thanks for your help.
re: Problem definitionREPO42
Oct 29, 2002 10:06 PM
If you have a good workout routine, diet, rest, and recover properly I would relate it to muscle maturity. It takes many years to develope oneself into a climbing/ breakaway/Time Trial machine. Personally I think intervolts give you the fastest gains if you were to narrow it one aspect of training. But before you beat yourself up mentally take a look back at the whole season. Did you make improvements fromt the beginning of the season to the end? If you did then you are on the right track. Also you sound a bit frustrated, maybe it's time to take a break away from the ride because there is a passion and no matter how you place you never should feel discouraged unless racing is how you pay your bills and feed your family. Read some of the traing tips others have posted, and take pieces or whole training routines that fit into your goals. Like how much time you have to train, expectations...etc. and then set some season goals for yourself. Like maybe focusing on sprinting faster, or climbing better. Personally I love short term goals more than long term that way I see results every few months rather than assesing everything at the end of the year. Also by setting short term goals you can always adjust your training, diet schedules if you flat out are not seeing any improvements. I work on these things little by little. Remeber even some of the best pros nowadays only peak once or twice a season. Impossible to be in tip top shape for a whole season. Next season will be my first full season of racing in quite some I have set my expectations rather low..Finishing, maybe a placeing or two if I have the legs that day. But I am probably not going to be as consistent as someone who has been racing for the past 3 seasons. Well good luck, hang in there and give your body time to get stronger...
re: Problem definitionksly_dog
Oct 30, 2002 9:44 AM
Victories are soo hard to come by in Road Racing you need so much to go right in races that i requires a bunch of thing including skill and knowledge of the event... Time Trialing to me is a true measure of where my fitness is at any given time during the year and you can truely see from year to year your progression as a cyclist. I always looked at this as such a clique but racing is the only way to improve the more crits you can do the better crit rider you will become....yeah you do need to train and it is true intervals are the fastest way to become stronger (hill repeats aren't fun but are effective and so are standstill sprints in a very hard gear for 30 seconds (a strong base will carry you through a year), but if you can race 3 - 4 sunday/saturdays a month in addition to base maintance rides during the season you will be sitting pretty. Don't be afraid to race back to back when your at your peak your body will respond

Mountain Bike Racing so much easier to grab wins in but Road Racing requires much more experience at the if you want to pick a disapline and work at it but don't forget the others.

Make sure you mark your Goal events .....

I recommend a book called "The Cyclist's Training Bible"

Follow this link.