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Anybody swimming this Winter?(5 posts)

Anybody swimming this Winter?shirt
Oct 4, 2002 2:44 PM
I've become aware of the need to strengthen my whole body this offseason, and I need to do a LOT more base then I've done the last two years.

Because I have limited time (I can probably only do two >2 hr rides per week), I thought that swimming perhaps twice a week would help me kill two birds with one stone.

It also occured to me that the breast stroke is probably best since the frog kick uses a lot more of cycling muscles than the flutter kick.

Any thoughts?

Swam last winter - doing it again this yearmass_biker
Oct 4, 2002 7:27 PM
I incorporated swimming into my offseason training plan last year. It helped a lot. After fun training and racing all spring and summer long, I am back in the pool for the fall (and into the winter).

Benefits were: - helps general fitness (swimming 30 mins. at a stretch), definitely helps strengthen the core (trunk, back), stretches you out from the slumped-over-posture that the bike forces you into. In fact, swimming was probably the reason I rode and raced (back/neck) pain free.

During the week, my training time is limited so doing different things is critical to gaining base and then honing fitness.

I get 2-3 swims a week in. Right now I am doing about 1/2 mile at a stretch. In the "peak" off season, it is up to about 1 mile at a stretch. Freestyle is faster, and more fun (for me). Swimming bookends my weight workouts(M/W/F = swim, T/Th = weights, and is the end-of-workweek transition until the weekend, where I manage to get one 3-4 hour ride in (and maybe a 1.5 hour ride in on the other weekend day).

Think of swimming as building general strength and fitness. If supplanted with weights, rollers, and other more cycling specific activities, it can really help.

been swimming all year..dotkaye
Oct 7, 2002 9:03 AM
swim all year, as a triathlete.. It's definitely an excellent core strength workout, I get incapacitating back pain if I don't swim regularly.

I've not noticed nor read anything about any of the kicks being better/worse for cycling, suspect there is not much difference between them. I'd suggest getting some short fins and doing kick sets with a kickboard, can really pound the leg muscles into jelly that way. Also alternate sets of freestyle with other strokes, since they all work the muscles a bit differently. This also helps prevent boredom.. Long intervals (200 to 500yds) taken hard with short rests, are probably the most efficient in terms of getting a workout.
re: Anybody swimming this Winter?GileyD
Oct 9, 2002 4:02 AM
I am in a similar position time-wise. Two small kids, wife who is at work when I am at home etc. Can only get about 5-6 hours a week in on the bike.

Started swimming in my lunchtime at work (lucky to have public pool nearby)15 months ago and have upped it to 3 times a week. Do 1k of breast stroke each session in about 20-21mins (only 'cos it's the only stroke I can do!). Definately helps on the bike, my lungs feel stronger and I'm sure I have better stamina. Also have a dodgy back (legacy of an old motorbike accident)and it seems to keep back pain at bay too.

Would definately recomend it when your ride time is limited.
Only if I fall off the dockallervite
Oct 19, 2002 8:34 PM
Seriously though, I have read studies claiming that it increases Lung capacity along with overall strength and aerobic capacity.

However, swimming in the Winter tends to shrink important things.