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what's a good weight for a road race "tire"?(3 posts)

what's a good weight for a road race "tire"?skippy pinfish
Sep 24, 2002 5:50 PM
looking for a light tire for racing, but don't want something that's going to flat in a heart beat. thanks for any suggestions.
You can never find theseJames Curry
Sep 25, 2002 8:26 AM
I bought Continental Ultra 3000 kevlar tires in 20 cm. THey are about as light as you can get and very low profile. I got them in some close-out with a mail-order, I think Excel. Anyway, they are great. Really sticky once you wear that initial shine off! Forget about traction in rain though! They have zero tread, but as long as it's dry who cares!* They actually used to make a 3000 Ultra wire bead which I liked for training.

And I am NOT getting confused with the 3000 Gran Prix or the Ultra 2000 wire/kev. tires.

Only drawback is get one good puncture and you have to throw the tire away. Tubes will poke right through otherwise. Maybe that's why they were so inexpensive...or discontinued! Going to try the 20cm Vittoria 145 tire next season. but I'm under 150#s. I have heard that people upwards of 155#s should really go to 23cm tires, except for TT and track racing.

*A little aside. I did almost carreen into a car during the Fabulous 4th Metric, this past 4th of July in Western, NC. THere's a decent descent for the final miles which has undergone massive cosmetic surgery. It needs resurfacing, but in lieu, they have patched the millions of cracks with this tar, which when heated [say during a Summer day, July 4] gets SLICK. They told us. I was warned, but NOOOooo I had to really push it.

I was using said tire this particular day and really put the lean into a turn. Well when I hit this tar, keeling like a catamaran, the rear slipped out a little. Dumbass that I am slams on the brake. The law of inertia was proven as my now straight-line course directed me directly into the path of an oncoming tourist traffic. That tourist had blue eyes! How do I know? I was looking right at them...they were only about 4 feet away!

Should have not launched into my personal trials and blunders, but I doubt that had anything to do with the tire! More the person riding.
20 cm seems wide for a tire :)Kerry
Sep 25, 2002 5:08 PM
Conti GP 3000 weighs 215-220 gm. How light do you want? You will lose a lot of durability by removing 30 gm from such a tire. What do you expect to gain from going with 190 gm tires (e.g. Conti SuperSonic)? These are nice tires, but people report them lasting only 500 miles. Reducing the total system weight by 60 gm. will gain you very little.