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Two weeks is all it takes(3 posts)

Two weeks is all it takesshirt
Sep 12, 2002 7:51 AM
I've ridden twice in the last two weeks. One of those days was yesterday, our regular Wednesday practice race. I had no IDEA how much form you could lose in that space of time. I think I've lost (literally) half of the conditioning I had only recently.

I'm wondering what percentage of this loss is attributable to my age (37) and what percentage is due to a poor base from last winter. In either case, I'm going to do a hell of a lot of base this winter...
re: Two weeks is all it takesbrider
Sep 12, 2002 10:21 AM
I remember form my running days reading that you would lose 2 months of build-up by taking two weeks off. But the body is an amazing thing. You'll regain it much faster than it took to gain it the first time.
it returnsDougSloan
Sep 12, 2002 12:19 PM
I was pretty much out of commission from May to July; July really sucked -- I was about 20% slower up some big hills than I formerly was. I got killed on group rides.

I rode my butt off in July and August, and I'm now about 95% of where I was before. Progressively, but agressively, work hard and it will return sooner than you think. (I did have a huge base, though, having trained for ultra distances year round the past few years.)