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Ishmael....(5 posts)

Sep 9, 2002 9:10 AM
Did you survive the crit at Millionaire's row?

That second crash was some kind of nasty.

I hate critsishmael
Sep 12, 2002 6:49 PM
I just missed getting absorbed in both of them. When the second one happend I was pushed inches away from the netting which would have sucked me in if I had touched. I didnt actually see either but I heard an awfull squeal from a lady in the stands who did see it. I would never have done the crit if it wasnt part of the three day thing. All and all it was a great race, I think the second day made up for everything. How did you do? Next year I've got to do the 3's(longer and tougher competition). No more racing till next year.
I remember you! I tried to steal your girlfriend!ishmael
Sep 12, 2002 7:09 PM
I was just looking at the results to see if I knew you and I noticed your team(sir speedy). If I have it right the jersey's got some neon and you came with your cute girlfriend. I was chatting with her. She said if it wasnt for you she would be all mine. No, she didnt say it in words, it was in her eyes. Maybe not, but we chatted atleast. I was wearing an orange helmet and riding a metalic blue abici.
john murphy
Sep 13, 2002 6:21 AM
Yup, neon yellow and purple jersey. Our team prides itself
on our bad fashion sense and public obnoxiousness. I don't
suppose you saw the pin I was wearing during the road race?

Glad you survived intact. I had a real hard time staying
to the front and managed to be behind both crashes. Sounds
like we were probably rubbing elbows at the second... I too
just barely squeaked by on the right. When they stopped
the race, the "feel" of the group was a little to agro for
my tastes, considering I wasn't in the GC. I dropped out
and spent the last 5 laps as a beer-drinking spectator.

Great race, though. The road race was coolest ever. Hope
to make it back up next year and see you in the 3's.

But stay away from my girlfriend! ;)

Zak Broussard
see you next yearishmael
Sep 14, 2002 11:16 AM
my strategy for crits is unorthodox but works. I stay off the back. So far off that the acordian affect doesnt get me. I just ride evenly paced all the way around with a nice buffer of personal space around me of about 10 feet in every direction. No stress; no worries in the corners, I chose my own line, or swerve all over, it doesnt matter. I havent seen a break in a 4/5 yet so I find its ok to sit in the back. Then again, it couldnt work too well I almost got sucked up in the second crash. And then with three laps to go I sprint right to the front on a long straight. It worked this time but last race I got lazy and decided to wait for the second lap, too late. This time I came through the final turn at the front and soon became engulfed, ended up twelfth. No sprint in me.