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Training Schedule TipshirevR
Sep 8, 2002 4:47 PM
Well, with one more season winding down, and my transition coming up in two months, I am already looking ahead to next year's training plan. I plan on doing it like this:

1. Base w/weights (low intensity/high volume)
2. Endurance
3. Hill
4. Power
5. Speed
6. Taper
7. Peak
8. Race (maintain)

I will plan again using HR as my guide. I haven't put too much time into thinking out the specific workouts yet, or total time (except for base), but planning to spread it over 5-6 months (and then maintain for race season). Any tips or ideas? I am also going to be using PC coach Elite with S510. Thanks in advance.
Oh, BTW, if you wanna flame war, I don't wanna wrestle.
re: Training Schedule Tipsstr8dum1
Sep 9, 2002 8:09 AM
looks fine. i wouldnt start worring about it yet until end of october early november.

just do what yoy have listed and you'll do fine. just make sure that you actually do the intervals. once you're fit, racin becomes a game of strategy. Work on your racing skills and you'll get better results.