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Burnout- treatment needed - prevention failed(2 posts)

Burnout- treatment needed - prevention failedC-mond
Sep 8, 2002 5:16 AM
I can't step away from my sports, yet I have zero desire to race. I have an entry for a race in a few hours, I won the race last year and I bet I could win this year as well, but why do it when the competition is minimal and the course usually beats the crap out of me. I have nothing to prove right now. I don't think I train enough cycling-wise to deserve to win in the sport. I trained all summer in my other sport and came back to school and I find nobody reaches my expectations, coaches and teammates- I think that sport sucks. I am faster in my other sport than I have ever been, but all I want to do is drink blue slurppies, eat peanut butter rice cakes and surf the web.

I took a week off from everything to fatten up a bit before this school season. Figured it would be good for me to recover......perhaps not long enough.

I started cycling as a way to prevent burnout but then I seem to take it a bit too far, riding for fun turned into crits and road races, so mt. biking that is fun right- not when you go out to do hill intervals unstead of your normal loop. When you are expected to win even if you have an off day.

Maybe I should quit whining and go out and earn some points for my team...........

got any short term solutions? thanks
short term: one week offweiwentg
Sep 8, 2002 3:18 PM
either do no riding, or just some very gentle spinning. and I mean VERY GENTLE SPINNING. perhaps some easy loops on the MTB, if available. or do something completely different. if you have any hand-eye coordination at all, try a ball game. or go canoeing, or something else. or if you don't want to suffer, go out for a picnic with the girlfriend.
as for that bit about not deserving to win, I'm sorry to say that imho, that's crap. winning depends on both talent and training. so, perhaps Jan Ullrich didn't deserve to win the TDF in '97? he may have slacked off on the training, but I think he deserved that win. this is not to say that you'll not make others jealous, but I would say don't worry about it.