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maybe riding hard is a good thing?(2 posts)

maybe riding hard is a good thing?DougSloan
Sep 6, 2002 5:58 AM
I had another one of those exceptional "superman" days last night. I'd gotten really out of shape the last 4 months, barely able to sustain 20 mph solo, and really, really sucking up the hills.

So, I've been absolutely hammering myself into a pulp the last 3 weeks, with long, hard rides on weekends and make-you-want-to-puke Computrainer interval sessions. Showed up for the fast 25 mile out and back team ride last night, thinking I'd be trashed in the first 5 miles, but what the heck?

The pace was 32 mph on the way out, and this right before a 500 foot climb that normally is very difficult for me to stay with the group, even when I'm in decent shape. I somehow stayed with the leaders, with pulserate of 180 of 185 max, and didn't blow. Then, same thing the next 2 similar hills, where I can never hang on the 3rd hill. Could not believe it.

All I can guess is that riding very hard lately made a whopping difference (lost 5 pounds, too). I think I owe it to the Computrainer. This thing is fantastic for concentrated intensity work, as it keeps it somewhat interesting and fun, too.

The human body continues to amaze me. Wimp one day, superman the next. I guess riding really hard pays off. :-)

(Sorry there's not much point to this, except maybe to recommend the Computrainer highly. I'm going to race Morgul-Bismark on it this weekend.)

And then there's me...noveread
Sep 6, 2002 10:30 AM
I love it, barely able to keep a 20mph pace solo. Poor guy, you neglected to tell us that you could only barely keep that pace for 150 miles! :) Me, I can't keep a 20mph pace for 20 miles!

Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, I'm coming down to the end of my first year of serious riding. Been making steady gains all year. The strong guys in our group can still trash me at their whim but I am making gains. Last week superman (of our particular group!) and I got separated and I was able to hang on to him as he rode flat out trying to find the rest of the group (long story, won't go into it here!). Then, away on vacation, total of 30 miles over the last 7 days and then back to the group ride last night and just got slaughtered! I had just taken a pull (how did I, of all people, get left pulling up the hills?), took too long of a pull, just barely got back on to the back of the group when a stupid little yip-dog comes flying out from a yard. The dog realizes too late that we're moving pretty fast and slams on his paw-breaks! The paceline locks up and still the guy in front just barely hits the stupid dog in the head, who lets out a little yip and then high-tails it back to the yard. Well, I could not accelerate from the stand-still.

Off-the-back on the hill.

I caught back on when the group slowed up a bit but a little later the monster-heads left the rest of us for dead. Which is exactly what my legs felt like. Only 4 of us and no paceline for the most part, averaged 20mph for the rest of the way and my heart rate was 160-165, lower than it should of been (was at 193 when I got dropped) and I could not get it above 172 for the rest of the ride no matter what I did. I was cooked.

Coach Carl will have to work up a good off-season program for me!

On the bright side, got my birthday present from the wife today, one of those Tour De France jerseys that has the map of France with the race route on it. Nice. Thanks babe!