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Best Race Wheels money can buy!(3 posts)

Best Race Wheels money can buy!juansevo
Sep 3, 2002 7:43 PM
Hello I represent two shops with whom I helped purchase the remaining LEW tubular Deep V rim stock, the Sydney rims (290 grams each) and the Palermo Rims (340 grams each).

We have a very good deal to offer. First off the wheels are being built with much better hubs which are being retrofitted with ceramic bearings for our purposes.A special run of EDCO hubs built up with straight pull aero spokes to build a lighter, stronger, and more reliable wheelset than the original.

Our prices? Excellent. Especially when you consider these wheels will have a retail value of $1700-$2200 depending on the model. Then factor in only the best truing stands are being used, digital DT Tensionmeters, and run out gauges to ensure each wheel is truely perfect...something you would not see at the old Lew. I know, I worked there.

"Sydney" wheelset, 1009 grams $1299
"Palermo" wheelset, 1109 grams $850

For Sydney Wheels call Craig Gaulzetti of International Bicycle Centers: 617.783.5804

For Palermo Wheels call Richard "Deke" Gossen of Oneota River Cycles: 563.382.0421

Oneota River Cycles also has some 28h rims availabe to be built up custom to your liking.

We will also be offering a new choice in high quality no BS road and mountain bike alloy wheels. Email me direct for more info.

Jon Severson
as much as we appreciate thisDougSloan
Sep 4, 2002 6:01 AM
I like a good deal, but this post likely violates the site's no commercial posts policy: "Post solicitations to buy or sell products only in the "Marketplace" section."

But I thought they were the best cross wheels I could buy?thatsmybush
Sep 4, 2002 9:43 AM