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Troy Bayliss equivalent???(3 posts)

Troy Bayliss equivalent???shirt
Sep 3, 2002 1:47 PM
The current World Superbike champion is named Troy Bayliss, and he appeared seemingly out of nowhere a couple years ago (from Australia, in fact.) His story was highly unusual in that he was a decent club racer, and all of a sudden he was arguably the fastest road racer on earth (apologies to Valentino Rossi.) Most m/c racers have a long background in dirt track or motocross and they all started racing when they were 6 or so.

My question for this board: has there ever been a similar phenomenon in the cycling world? No, MTB cross-overs don't count, unless they sucked and were suddenly world class road racers. Even Lance, genetic freak though he is, started doing triathlons in early high school.

So is there anybody?

(btw: Troy is an 'honorable mention' for us, as he stays in shape in the offseason on his 'pushie', a Ducati-liveried Litespeed.)
Erik Dekker, Levi Leipheimer and Ludo Dierckxen (sp?)skip work to ride
Sep 4, 2002 8:48 PM
Three from way out of nowhere. I am sure the crowd will now throw tomatoes at them...
re: Troy Bayliss equivalent???climbo
Sep 5, 2002 9:47 AM
He started older but he did have great results from the start in smaller races. Seems as though he has the magic touch for bikes and did start small but went up to the big leagues very quickly. It's not like he was losing every race and then all of a sudden made a huge leap to the podium.

What about Roland Green in the MTB world. All of a sudden he won every race he entered for a while. Did he even go to World Cups before 2 years ago?

On the road?? A blank here.