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Good legs, bad brains...(2 posts)

Good legs, bad brains...hayaku
Sep 3, 2002 2:56 AM
So my first season has ended... I had a good time and raced hard. My legs were good but my tactics sucked!

A prime example of this is my race on the weekend. It was the "Elite M1" The race was held on a Formula 1 circuit so was rolling hills all the way. Several times heading up the hill on the strait, the peleton broke up and I was able to make my way to the front each time. Did I mention that I am very happy with my conditioning?

However, it seems that I lose my possition at the important stages of races. I seem to be blocked in and unable to make any realistic attempt at winning. It is my first season of racing but I chose the most difficult races I was able to enter because I wanted to really challenge myself. But I'm a little dissapointed after all of my training, that it was my tactics that let me down.

I did win two races, both time trials though. I'm happy not to have crashed, and with my races up until the end of them when, I was always surrounded with nowhere to go.

Is there any advice you can give me, or any links to racing tactics? I have a few more races this year, in a couple of months so I want to vindicate myself a little bit if it's possible, or atleast be able to put myself in a good winning possition at the end of a race.

I'm the one with the marshmallow on my head... Thanks for your help.
re: Good legs, bad brains...brider
Sep 3, 2002 6:53 AM
Well, I see you have access to a 'drome. Try track racing. That is one of the biggest tactical educations you can get. But always give you'rself an "out." One open side to escape to should an attack happen, or a crash.