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question about carmichael's intermediate program(2 posts)

question about carmichael's intermediate programGall
Sep 2, 2002 2:47 PM

i was wondering if the intermediate program in the armstrong and carmichael book would be considered base training.

it has a lot of tempo work in the zone 3 which for me would be about 165 bpm. it just seems like a simple and clear cut way to training over the winter months.

thanks in advance for you replies
re: question about carmichael's intermediate programJames Curry
Sep 19, 2002 10:15 AM
I like the Carmichael book because it is pretty simple. I didn't do the initial test (the 3 mile TT) to establish my fitness level, but am pretty sure most people on this list including most people who race would fall into the 'advanced' category. Techically 3 miles in 8 minutes or less is 22.5 mph or faster. I think that is well within most people's grasp for 3 miles.

About the Tempo. If you broke up the ratio of Base to Tempo riding for that 7 week period, I'd say the time spent in both zones is equal!!! That means your rides are level 2 and 3 and low 4!!!

THAT is my main disagreement with the training plan. But, Tempo riding is very important to training. Charmichael is right about strengthening joints and Tempo riding gradually pushing up one's LT.

After one year of doing the Carmichael training program I did see results in Crits. I went from 5 to 4. I used to not even finish the 3rd lap of crits, and this season I was pulling and sprinting for primes.

Yes, do that for a Winter base plan and don't go to the gym. The low cadence will build the muscles, but make sure and take the 4th week off like he says. Maybe at the end of the 8 weeks, once you're into February, really focus on the longer base rides. I usually don't ride on the recovery days, instead I eat salsa and drink beer or go for a run, or all of the above.

I say it is good for crits due to the shortened nature of the training, and the LT work. I did get smoked in some road races, but the d-20 RR's are all hilly and I suck at hills. I think I am more suited for crits despite my fear of curbs. Pussy I know.

ANyway, I liked the book and work with the Author, so I did see results. Patience is the key though with this. The body is not a machine. It has taken me one full year just to get into Cat IV shape.