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Superior Race WeekendBipedZed
Aug 26, 2002 7:30 AM
Finished out the road season with the pair of races in Superior.

The Superior Circuit race was the same course as last year, which means rolling 3 mile course with nasty one-lane corners that were coned/barriered off. About 60 starters in the 3s and it stayed pretty much together. Pack Meat coached me through my usual end of race tentativeness and I tried my hardest to get some BAT points but could only muster a pack finish 25th - lost a lot of position in the final corner.

Sunday was the Koppenburg Circuit with a 5.5 mile lap with about half on dirt. The key point in the circuit was a 200 meter 10% climb that was rutted and sandy that got sandier towards the crest and then you were in about 20 yards of loose gravel. I was looking forward to this one because it is more like a cyclocross race where fitness and bike handling are required rather than tight pack cornering skills. It was a good day for me and I ended up hitting the climb in the top 1 or 2 places every lap and cleaned it all 5 times without dabbing or falling. Crested the climb the final time with just Faia and we hauled ass to the finish but I got caught by one other guy and I ended up 3rd. Yesterday gave me confidence that if I ever figure out how to race my bike, I may one day be dangerous.

TF pulled the double this weekend.
sounds like I need to borrow PM for my next crit...lonefrontranger
Aug 26, 2002 8:30 AM
I vote we dress Pack Meat up in drag and stick him in some women's races next year so's he can sit on my wheel and yell at me too. I did the same daggone thing on the last lap and paid the price. I could easily have been five or six places higher and able to dice it up a bit in the final 200m, had I been willing to fight for position going into those last 2 corners...
cool! drag racingPack Meat
Aug 26, 2002 9:27 AM
My coaching consists of "Move Up!, Move Up!,Move Up!".
you missed a lot of fun on Sundaylonefrontranger
Aug 26, 2002 10:22 AM
Looks like you managed to survive the cactus juice extravaganza on Saturday night...

John and some of his LVC teammates did cold beer handups all day on that climb at the Kemmelburg. Got a number of takers who decided "ah, the hell with it" and dropped out to grab a cold one. One of the Saturn development riders tried a fast one, but they knew better and made him take a Coke instead; damn kids.

Those guys wreaked serious mirth and havoc upon the field and there was quite a party rockin' along the climb for the Pro/1/2 race. I am told one of the Teabags drank about half a cooler's worth by himself.

I talked at length to BH (promoter) as he rode in the van with me for a few laps. He said they probably won't do the Superior Circuit race anymore because that course just has too many logistical problems and cannot be made safe for the riders. They will most likely replace that course with... yet another industrial park crit.

HOWEVER, the Kemmelburg was well received by all including the cops and community, and is a lot cheaper and easier to put on. As long as the developer who bought up the southeast sector of dirt road holds off for a year or two to let the housing market de-saturate, it looks like that race is a definite go.