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first race, i'm beatflying squash
Aug 22, 2002 7:37 PM
actually a club race, b-group, and ill-prepared; decided at the last minute this is the week. (despite all the good advice previously found on this board.) several weekday associates had done it and had fun, so i didn't really anticipate falling off or anything. but i almost did fall off, with my chest and stomach feeling like i was on a cross-country run (know that feeling, non-runners esp.?). then got better for the last third or so, finished in the pack. everyone was pretty laid-back, if not friendly. after a day of rest, however, i'm still hurtin' just to keep up on the day ride. wow. wonder if i'll be ready again for next week. talk about motivation to improve, though. since i started with, lost, then regained confidence that i'd finish with everyone else, i guess a slightly better goal should be next... though today i'm just hoping i'll do what i did the first time.
thanks for all the postings for the newbs, everyone