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Help for the young'un (too long, my appologies)(2 posts)

Help for the young'un (too long, my appologies)sctri
Aug 21, 2002 9:06 PM
Hey all, I had quite a rough season this year, in the sense that i burned out, blew up, hated it, walked away for a bit, returned, toughed it out, blew up.... yah, this was my season since november..

It was rough, and it was really really stupid, i was training at a frequency and intesity that i couldnt handle with jobs and school and other stuff, I acept that, and more or less wrote off this year as a building block and learning experiance.

NOW, what i would like some help with, (oh, by the way, i am triathlete, who wanders into road races from time to time) I am lame on the bike in comparison to my other two disciplens in triathlon. I need to make seriouse, solid and measurable gains in my fitness and skill on the road. Over this year i worked on spinning and I think i have my position pretty dialed,

WHAT SHOULD I DO... i am basicaly training for 40km time trials, with a swim to wake me up before it, and then run my legs off, or lungs out, which ever happends first.

WHat can i do that will make the biggest difference?

Long rides?


cruise intervals...brider
Aug 22, 2002 10:23 AM
After a base phase (you'll need to get comfortable doing at least 60 miles or so) start cruise intervals.

If you're getting spanked in road races, it's probably the speed changes that are dropping you. That's a totally different animal.