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STR8DUM1............(2 posts)

Aug 20, 2002 10:05 AM
ok ok ok .... I bow down Rich. YOU DA MAN! Congrads on your year! I hope I get a chance to ride with you..ahem....anytime. I can't wait for next year since it willbe my first time using weights. I'm 26 and know most of the people you race with. Thought you might want to know everyone thinks you are a nice guy and can pretty much pick your team in the south east for next season. Do you do those Greenville winter group rides I keep hearing about? I was told Hincapie and some others on your level occassionally show up. In anycase, this board will find a great depth of knowledge from you I am sure.
re: STR8DUM1............str8dum1
Aug 21, 2002 8:39 AM
Thats the thing, you never really know who anyone is on the net. Anyhow, ya the year's been going well. I've only been racing for 2 yrs (French broad was 2 yr anniv) so i still have a lot to learn. During the winter i do my training with the guys here in Raleigh, mainly the Mission Valley ride. It draws the majority of the Cat 1s in NC. Weights are fun. I lift extensively in the winter and then go to monday maintain during the season.
Good luck