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'knee' pain(7 posts)

'knee' paingala7516
Aug 18, 2002 6:10 PM
I have had some problems with tendons/muscles/ligaments along the outside of my left knee. I think that it is related to a combination of poor setup and overuse.
I have corrected the setup. I have seen a doctor, who said to 'take it easy' and take Naproxen (an NSAID to reduce pain and swelling). Currently there is not any swelling and pain only when on the bike spinning for about 10 miles. I do have float in my pedals.
Is there anything else that I should be doing to heal? Has anyone else experienced this?
re: 'knee' painChonola
Aug 19, 2002 4:56 AM
I have been experiencing something VERY similar starting 2 Saturday's ago. But my issue is with a tendon in the back of the knee. I've been icing, elevating, & taking Naproxen but the issue still remains. Apparently - it takes a while for tendons to heal b/c there is not much blood flow going to such fibers. Needless to say, I am super bummed b/c there are 2 really great races coming up next month.

Would also love advice.

Angela aka Chonola
re: 'knee' painhairywinston
Aug 19, 2002 7:02 AM
The best advice that I know of would come from a good orthopedic; however, I will give you my thoughts. I would have an MRI done if your insurance covers it. Secondly check saddle height. If its too low the back of the knee will hurt, too high and the front will hurt. There are lots of things in the knee that can cause pain. If you are over 40 you might have a miniscus that is torn, just from over use. You could still have a torn minsicus, but that will have come from something traumatic to that area. Also, do you push big gears? That can sometimes be the culprit if you have pain when doing so. I have unfortunately had three knee surgeries. I almost always psuch smaller gears with a higher cadence, and that works for me. Have someone check your fore and aft positioning. A poor fit can contribute, if not be the whole source of the pain. Always listen to your body. If it hurts, something has to change or it will keep hurting.
re: 'knee' painJohnG
Aug 19, 2002 8:06 AM
I'll second the Naproxen recommendation. I use this stuff every day and it works great. For a 'mild' strain you'll probably need to use 3-4 225mg tabs a day minimum so make sure you take these with a meal as they can cause some stomach upset. That's the only bad side-effect I'm aware of. What did the doc recommend??? When in doubt: Rest-ice-elevation....... and mild stretching. If the pain doesn't subside in a couple of weeks I'd see the doc again. Try to stay the hell away from seeing orthopods!!!!! They pay their mortgages by their knives.

Also, if you have rollers use em instead of road work. Rollers are excellent for low stress workouts.

Maybe your knees don't like excessive float???? Something to think about. Everyone is different on this issue.

good luck
re: 'knee' paingala7516
Aug 19, 2002 3:39 PM
The doc recommended 1000mg of Naproxen a day (2 500mg tablets per day). He didn't put a lot of faith in ice/heat, compression, and elevation. He recommended rest and spinning.
re: 'knee' painkaiser
Aug 19, 2002 12:49 PM
Stretch. Stand on one leg and pull the other leg back, grabbing the ankle, heel to your buttocks and hold for 10-15 seconds. People who have issues with their knee tendons need to do this.
re: 'knee' painBikeViking at home
Aug 24, 2002 4:47 AM
See a competent PT. I was have some ITB problems that wouldn't go away and she got me straight. I stretch twice a day (most days now) and it takes 30 minutes or so.

For one, I was not stretching enough. She has me holdiong each strech for a minute. SHe also gave me a couple others to do that are now part of my routine.