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For All My Burnt Out Buddies...A Lone Breakaway Off The Back(8 posts)

For All My Burnt Out Buddies...A Lone Breakaway Off The BackBigLeadOutGuy
Aug 17, 2002 8:19 AM
Hey Everyone!
Someone posted here that they were in alone breakaway off the back...I dont remember who said it but it was the funniest thing I read!
well thats what happend to me today =)
I didnt expect much cause I think Ive ridden 3 times in the past 2 weeks or so and sinc my upgade I am not racing in the pro,1,2 class. FAST GUYS!
I got dropped after 11 miles or something....t was pretty sad =) I didnt feel too bad though when I looked down at my computer and saw we were charging up a small hill at 31 mph. Since the season is 3 races from being over I will concentrate on getting ready for next season. =)
Thats good advice Lone....Im gunna head down to the vitamin store and hook up with some good bacteria =) I should have thought of that sooner! =) its good to hear your on the bike so soon! How are you feeling?
Its good to hear from you! Keep up the hard work
what does DFL mean? I couldnt figure it a little slow like that hehehe

well I hope everyone does better than I did this shouldnt be too hard! hehe

Rest Up and Ride Safe!!!!
OK, now why did you do this race again?lonefrontranger
Aug 18, 2002 7:12 AM
If you recall, I did suggest you skip this event to rest.

If a race is going to have no benefit to you, you're not going to learn anything from it, and you don't have teammates to support, you should seriously think about why you are doing it. Getting dropped merely for the sake of getting dropped teaches you nothing. At the worst, it's hard on you psychologically, and in some riders I've seen this kind of thing leading to them losing interest and dropping out of events when they could have been competitive.

Listen to your body. Racing sick and burned out is not productive in any way.
I Did it For Motivation =)BigLeadOutGuy
Aug 18, 2002 2:22 PM
Yeah, I probably should have skipped this race. There are only about 4 races left this season and I was kind of jonesing to race.
Getting dropped off the back doesnt really beat me down just recharges my training efforts. When I have a really bad race like that and I get spanked it makes me foucus alot more on my training and makes me work alot harder on my hard days. So its actually kind of good for me...nothing gets me more fired up to train and race harder than getting dropped off the back...I am going to stew on this all week while I train and come next saturday when I roll up to the line...Look out! Cause Im gunna be Angry! =)
But I did learn a bit from this race. Since I got my upgrade I wanted to see how the pro,1,2 group approaches a race. I wanted to see how much faster they climb...when they attack..when they ease up...ect. I got an idea of all that from my short stay =) Now I will take that and I will apply it when I train. So it wasnt a total least I dont think so =)
But anyways, how are you feeling? your healing up pretty quick it seems. =)
re: For All My Burnt Out Buddies...A Lone Breakaway Off The Backflyinbowlofmilk
Aug 18, 2002 7:11 PM
First of all Congadulations BLOG for the upgradein Catergory's. I was talking about my next and last race for my 1st racing season as a Cat 5 racer. And DFL meant Didn't Finish Last hint(DFL). I was very proud of myself for not finish last in my next to last race in July. That was considering that I rode of course for a while. Part of that was my mistake and the other part was that the cones wasn't up when I got to the corner,grr. I can only hope that my last race of my 1st Cat 5 racing season will be a whole lot better . Thanks . Well here is a joke for you and LFR. I have made a goal to upgrade to Cat 4 by 2004 or 2005. Some of my racing team member say it a realistic goal. So what do you and LFR think about my upgrade goal? Is it realistic? And as far the training concerns I will keep at it.

DFL = Dead F--king Laststr8dum1
Aug 19, 2002 6:07 AM
dude, he already knows thatlonefrontranger
Aug 19, 2002 6:36 AM
FBM is merely trying to put a positive and humorous spin on the term. I can appreciate it, knowing how many times I personally have *really* finished DFL.

FBM, my man, your goals are fine. If you really go into this off-season focused and get a good base in, you may even find you are ready for an upgrade sooner than that. Don't push yourself too hard, and most important, keep the enjoyment level high. Shoot, I spent ten years as a Cat 4 (lowest level women's racer). Don't stress the timeline, and keep your goals both challenging and attainable. I think a good goal for your 2003 season would be to finish top-10 once in a Cat 5 race. If you don't ride with a racing club, now would be the time to join one, and/or find out where a local weeknight training race series in your area. Weeknight training crits / races are probably the best way for a beginner to help shorten the learning curve, improve pack skills and increase top-end speed.
totally relisticBigLeadOutGuy
Aug 19, 2002 1:29 PM
Thanks for filling me in on DFL. I wish i could say the same about my race! hahaha
getting to cat 4 by than is totally realistic....If you really want to upgrade all you have to do is 10 races to upgrade. This was my first year racing too and in march I was getting dropped like a bad habit in every race i entered...It was very discouraging. but i kept at my training and worked very hard...than before i knew it i was finishing top ten...gotan upgrade to cat cat 4 than before i knew it i was placing top 5 in every race i I headed to the TT nationals...I didnt smoke anyone but i definatly didnt embarress myself either....than i upgraded to cat 3 last week. just bust your hump training and youll get there no problem.
I bet youll upgrade alot sooner than you think =)
ride safe!
Posted this alreadySherpa23
Aug 20, 2002 1:59 PM
BLG, I don't know why it didn't go through as I posted this last week. I only just now noticed it wasn't there. I had said that I didn't think that you should race on Sunday because you should end the season now as you are trashed. Nothing good will happen in any races right now. You should go the doctor and figure out what;s wrong and learn about it. This is your body;s reaction to stress and you can use that to help you in the future to recognize early signs of being tapped out. For the next three weeks you need to spend some time chilling out and then just start back riding your bike for fun and work on a serious off season program. You will be a lot better next year. Know that. you can go back to TT nationals and chart your improvement over the off season and early season. You averaged 36 kph this year, almost 14 kph down on the winner which means that next year you can look forward to closing that gap a bit and getting better and beating some more guys. I don't know what your target is for next year but I think that you should focus on winning 4 Cat. 3 races and bringing your average for the national TT to 40 kph assuming that it's on the same reasonably fast course. Just make sure that you take the time right now to recover from this season.