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Just Cant Stay Healthy....Anyone Else?(8 posts)

Just Cant Stay Healthy....Anyone Else?BigLeadOutGuy
Aug 16, 2002 10:28 AM
Hey all!
I havent posted in forever...I just wanted to say hello and see how everyone is doing.
LoneFront...I Hope you are having a speedy recovery.
Sherp...I hope your getting back to 100% as well, And the coaching sounds awesome. I would definatly sign up if I wasnt 2000 miles away.

I myself and doing pretty miserable. Overall I had a great season...upgraded from cat 5 to Cat 3 in about 4 months, Went to the National TT but since then i have not been able to stay healthy...It seems that for the past month and a half I am constanly having stomach troubles...if I am not launching my lunch all night its coming out of the other end. I dunno what the heck my problem is. I get sick...start to feel good than somethign happens where I get sick again. Ugh...I think its time for a trip to the docs. Does anyone else get like this toward the end of the season? I havent ridden my bike in about 2 weeks...I got my first cat 3 race saturday and I know I am going to get spanked pretty good =) It will be fun though =)

well I hope everyone is doing well
ride safe =)
re: Just Cant Stay Healthy....Anyone Else?legs
Aug 16, 2002 12:03 PM
me too.. i think i over-trained this summer.. and i am always tired now and always have a cold.. gonna go to the doc this week...
about the only time i feel good is on the bike...after i am warmed up..
been there, done that...lonefrontranger
Aug 16, 2002 1:34 PM
Hey, good to see ya back. I did my first fast ride last night and hung in okay.

Sorry to hear about the sickness thing. Sounds from your progression that you might have just piled on too much, too fast and the old system did a bit of a shutdown on you. I'd agree on going to the doc if only to get peace of mind of ruling out any serious bugs / issues.

If I were you, I'd seriously reconsider going to the race on Saturday.

The key to recovering from this kind of GI bug thing is to **DE-STRESS** (that means take it easy for a few days) and do as much as you can to recover your gut flora. If you took a course of antibiotics recently for something else (or even to combat the stomach bug), that could be what's contributing to the ongoing woes. I take antibiotics any time I need to, but I always follow up afterwards with a good hard dose of probiotic supplements to replenish all the "good bugs" that got killed in the process.

Stick to taking it easy / riding easy and get a good dose of "macrobiotic" culture down you ASAP; acidophilus yogurt if you can stand it; supplements if you can't.

Hope this helps.
Just say no!!! Anti-antibiotics.Canidraftyou
Aug 18, 2002 3:24 AM
The hardest drug I take is a Herbal Supplement "Echinacea" I take it in cycles. This supplement is good for the strengthening the immune system. I know you may know this already lonefrontranger, but im telling those who may not know. God has blessed me and I give him all the credit. Ive taken antibiotics twice in 14 yrs. One who partakes of medication, admits to oneself that they are fragile. Once you have trained your body to rely on medication there is no going back. Also your making the virus that much stronger for the next person. For the virus finds away to become stronger. Just my thought on the matter.

I do care, or I would not give this post the time of day.

cool, what works for you - the herbal zealots really bug me tholonefrontranger
Aug 18, 2002 7:09 AM
I don't like taking antibiotics, and I've taken them perhaps once in the past year for a bad UTI; no herbs I've ever heard of will wipe one of those out, and I like my kidneys functioning, thank you.

I've worked in the pharmaceutical / nutraceutical and medical industries for six years and seen a lot of research. Many doctors do over-prescribe antibiotics, and you do have to be informed and careful of them. However, I'll stick to what's proven to work. Echinacea has a mild benefit to the immune system if taken regularly. So does Vitamin C. But given the choice from being *really* sick for months with strep / bronchitis, or knocking it out with a course of antibiotics, then following up with a probiotic and feeling better in a week, guess which one I'll take?

I do take echinacea as cold prevention. However I'm VERY leery of herbals in general. Many of them are pandered with little or no proof of their efficacy by hucksters who have no interest in your health and lots of interest in their wallet. Go to for entertaining reading from the herbal front. Some are just plain dangerous. Quite a few would return a positive if I were ever to (ferinstance) go to Nationals and get random-tested. Stuff like that.

I agree that all that herbal stuff that is lauded by their proponents is natural. So is poison ivy and amanita mushroom for that matter. I don't choose to put stuff in my body just because it's natural.

I'll stick with what works.
Well said ranger.Canidraftyou
Aug 18, 2002 8:43 AM
There is never only one right way. I never sumit my mind to another. There is your way, my way and then the correct way. The correct way always belongs to the observer who never speaks out. The one who fails to speak really dont know or refused to help build the learning ladder. "I never sumit my mind to anothers thinking, and I dont shop Walmart because everyone else does." (Me)

Now that we got a couple of our cycling neighbors thinking. I hope that together we have open an eye and raise awareness. They may not take the correct path, but perhaps they've thought about it and that makes it right for them.

re: Just Cant Stay Healthy....Anyone Else?LC
Aug 16, 2002 2:18 PM
I know how you feel. I raced a full race season starting in March and often twice a week, plus hard training rides. Not even too sad the race season is about done, cause I'm cooked! Guess it is just an accumalative thing with all the hard training rides and racing wears you down. My legs ache and my race performance has definitely gone down. Just got to last for those last couple of races now.
re: Just Cant Stay Healthy....Anyone Else?flyinbowlofmilk
Aug 16, 2002 5:31 PM
Well as for me I am still stoked. I think I am going to do 1 more race this season. I know it's going to be a RR. After that I have a cycling tour to do after the racing season. And like LFR said I took 1 week of and now I getting back to it. Hopefully my last RR will show me some better results. I am shooting for another DFL for it. I hope you get better. So far I have felt real good.