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First Madison last night - unqualified success!(1 post)

First Madison last night - unqualified success!Alex-in-Evanston
Aug 16, 2002 6:18 AM
Exchanges went well, we collected a couple of points and went home with a couple of bucks.

Each pair was required to wear distinct jerseys, and since my club had 3 pairs in the race, we had to come up with something. My partner happened to have two pink and green RAAM jerseys from 1987. The bright pink jerseys were actually very helpful in spotting him in the pack- which was no small advantage.

Jonas Carney, Olympic Madison racer happened to be in town (Downers Grove is this weekend) so he showed up at the track. Madison was 3/4 so he certainly wasn't in it, but it was a thrill trying it out in front of a real pro.

The Cycling Comittee was hesitant to run a 3/4 Madison, but based on the results I think it will become a staple. I'm looking forward to next year's.