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Is this heatstroke?(5 posts)

Is this heatstroke?shirt
Aug 14, 2002 3:06 PM
Here's the scenario:

Last Saturday I went for my regular group ride. The first hour and a half was very mellow, then Allervite went home. :-) Then we did a couple thousand feet of climbing and went up where the temp was only in the 90s.

At mile 60 we'd dropped back down into the valley and the temp was over 110. We'd been hammering for about an hour and riding for almost four at this point. My HR went up, and up and up... Until it was pegged right around 190 and it wouldn't come down, even when I was sitting on the back of a wheel (there were five of us.) About five miles from town, I started to get COLD.

I lost touch with the group and ended up sitting under an overpass to try to cool my machinery off. I sat there for about ten minutes, and my HR was still at 150 when I got up! Nothing like this has ever happened to me. It was still freaking hot out, and I realized I needed to get inside so I soft pedaled the last few miles into town. Oddly, my HR came down to a less-alarming 120 during this time.

The next day I did nothing. I jogged on Monday. I rode easily on Tuesday. I rode pretty easy today (did a few sprints, actually) and couldn't get my HR up at all.

Am I whacked? Was I approaching heat stroke? Am I dying because my heart is weak? What?

Regarding hydration: I drank a LOT during this ride. As a matter of fact, when I had my big problems I was actually bloated. Weird, huh?

Were you sweating?Kerry
Aug 14, 2002 5:48 PM
One of the typical symptoms of heat stroke is flushed appearance but no sweating, though a trained athlete might well still be sweating. The key symtom is a significantly elevated core temp (105 F/41 C). You may have been getting close. It's not about how much you drank during the ride, but whether you were well-hydrated at the start. Could be a combination of the heat and maybe some overtraining, or you could be getting a summer cold. Back off and ride easy for a few days, get lots of electrolytes in your diet, drink lots, and see if you've recovered. Regardless of what you had, you did the right thing. You can't "push through" something like this.
good question...shirt
Aug 14, 2002 9:07 PM
We flirt with near-zero percent humidity here in the summer. That combined with the speed we were going the last hour (over 30 the whole time) and I have no clue if I was sweating or not; you dry off so quickly there's no way to know.

I was well hydrated at the start; I'm always the one that has to peel off half an hour into our Sat. rides to see what's behind that oak tree.
re: electrolyteslonefrontranger
Aug 15, 2002 7:28 AM
Hey there, sounds pretty scary.

I'm not really qualified to say whether that was heatstroke or not. Sounds like a good case of heat exhaustion, coupled with dehydration. Dehydration you say? How can I be dehydrated if I'm peeing a lot. Simple: you are not getting enough electrolyte to help absorption. At this point you can drink all the water you want and you'll still not absorb enough into your system to keep up; you just pee it out.

That "bloated" feeling you report is the result of drinking too much straight water with not enough electrolyte. I've been told by our sports medicine types at BCSM that in these conditions you should consume a ratio that's roughly half water, half sports replacement drink (at normal strength if you can stand it). The reason is that water alone does not absorb throught the gut fast enough in these high heat / high activity situations.

If you can't stand the taste of heavy, sugary sports drinks on a hot day, you might try something like Shaklee, which has almost no taste at all and (I find) is quite tolerable on the stomach when you're going all-out in the heat.
Be CarefullDream plus
Aug 15, 2002 8:07 AM
I had a similar experience. All day hot mtb ride where I drank a ton including electrolytes. After finishing fine, I began shivering! The chills lasted until I was in my sleeping bag that night.I didn't take it easy once I thought I recovered over the next few days. Looking back, I think it affected me long after. I lost a lot of my ability and motivation to train. It could have been OT or maybe I'm just was burnt out, but it seems as if it all started then.
You owe it to yourself to take it extra easy for a few days if you are at all concerned. I've decided rest NEVER hurts.