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skimoviestar & Biking Viking, take heart(6 posts)

skimoviestar & Biking Viking, take heartlonefrontranger
Aug 14, 2002 1:06 PM
Last night I got on the 'cross bike and went for a 20 minute ride - OUTDOORS, YEA! The shoulder was stiff, and I experienced some muscle soreness, but no serious pain.

I doubt my break was as severe as either of yours, but I'll give you a progression to look forward to:

My break (since I don't have the x-ray available) was a fairly clean one, dead center of the clavicle, with a couple small "shards". There was ~1.5 cm displacement (inner portion displaced upward, outer portion downward). I also experienced mild (Grade 1) AC separation which creates a mild "burning" sensation in the outer part of the shoulder socket if I move too suddenly. The worst part was a small rib fracture underneath my right scapula. It meant that no matter what, I hurt, and it made the figure 8 even that much more painful to wear.

The injury occurred on 21 July. The hated figure 8, worn tightly and constantly for 14 days post-injury successfully stabilized and reduced the displacement. My shoulders will never look entirely symmetrical, but it did manage to reduce the crookedness and "lump" significantly.

Sometime around 1 or 2 August, I noticed that the break "felt" like it had stabilized, meaning the fibrous join had grown in and the ends were no longer loose/grinding. On 8 August, I decided I was sick of the figure 8 and ditched it completely.

My experience: 23 days from fracture to return. Not fully functional, but I'm riding again. I don't have a lot of pain from the shoulder, mostly just muscular stiffness that needs to be worked out with some professional PT, attention from my massage therapist, and a bit of diligence on my part.
That's awsome. Thanks for the update.Biking Viking
Aug 14, 2002 4:01 PM
I don't even wear a figure 8 brace - only a sling. I felt no pain after the crash and have not felt any since either. It freaks me out to feel the bones moving in there, though, and now that the swelling is gone, I can se them, too. Icky, but not painful.

23 days is awsome. Make sure you don't crash, though - a re-break at this stage must be horrible. I'm going to make real sure that ride with a reduced risk of crashing when I get back on the road bike. I am an avid mountain biker too, and I'll make sure I don't get back on the trails until my orthopod says it's safe for me to do so.

It's too early I guess, but do you have any feeling how the crash and the absence from the bike has affected your riding mentally?

re: skimoviestar & Biking Viking, take heartskimoviestar
Aug 14, 2002 5:11 PM
LFR... Excellent indeed!!! Thanks for the report. It must have been fantastic to be on the road again.

Today is the end of my first week and I'm going to get on the trainer tonight... peddling while sitting up and strapped into the figure 8... how fun. Maybe I could hire someone to bring a chalkboard and scrap their long fingernails down it as I ride too. ;-)

LFR... My ortho said the same thing as BV said... don't get too aggressive too early... a re-break won't help. To BV, I'd say check with your ortho again... my x-rays look very similar to yours and I've got the figure 8 on as tightly as possible per my ortho's requirements. LFR, I've got the burning sensation in my shoulder too and was wondering what the heck it was... it really is killer in the morning as I'm trying to get out of bed and writhing in pain with every move sitting up. I thought that was the bone ends grinding around again and I didn't think I had an AC joint problem. Maybe I'll ask about that when I go back in to the ortho in 10 days (not that I'm counting, of course).

Well... continued good recuperation wishes to us all!
I've done some research on Internet...Biking Viking
Aug 14, 2002 5:57 PM
...and it seems that orthopedy is moving away from the figure 8. The new school of thought is that the figure 8 doesn't make much of a difference, and that a sling is an order of magnitude more comfortable to wear.

I don't know. I trust my ortho knows what she's doing. Let's compare when we're out of this misery.

I'll true my rear wheel tonight and put on an old tire if I'm able to. Then maybe I can get on the trainer tomorrow.

I've done some research on Internet...skimoviestar
Aug 14, 2002 8:37 PM
Yeah, I hear ya. I had a friend tell me the same thing... that there were two schools of thought developing on the fig. 8 and whether to use it or not. I'm envious.

Good luck w/ the wheel and tire. I just finished an hour on the trainer and, although boring, it felt good to stretch the lungs a little.
here's what my orthopod saidlonefrontranger
Aug 15, 2002 9:29 AM
He mentioned that there was contention about whether the figure 8 actually works. In his experience and that of the other guys in his practice, they find that *depending on the type and location of the break*, the figure 8 can reduce the displacement and speed healing.

The key is that the brace has to hit the right area to compress the fracture, otherwise it can sometimes do more harm than good (as it did in the case of my SO because it forced the fractured end higher, like a teeter-totter; he now has a very pronounced "ledge" on his CB).

He also said that when the fracture was dead center (as mine was), the brace could reduce the possibility of "tenting" the skin and the gruesome but outside chance of compounding from the jagged fractured ends moving around.

Agreed on the taking it careful part; I have no intention of crashing again and complicating matters. I'm not planning on doing any significantly fast or aggressive riding for a while, and definitely no trail riding. I am riding the 'cross bike for comfort reasons. It's a more upright position, shorter TT (less stretch) and more compliant ride in general.