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First "race" report...(4 posts)

First "race" report...Wannabe
Aug 14, 2002 7:05 AM
Well, I did my first "race" last night. If you can really call it a race I dunno... Anyway, it was one of those weekly crits that a local club puts on.

I show up, buy my 1-day license and sign my "I will not hold anyone but myself responsible should I break into a million pieces as a result of this race" form. I'm one of three without a team kit, the only one on a Schwinn (convinced my bike is a sleeper), and the only one with hairy legs!

It's was kinda rainy all day so I guess a quite small crowd showed up for the "B" category. I know that means us slow-pokes but beyond that, not clue if it has any significance. I'd say the field was probably a couple riders short of hitting 20 participants.

The course was .72mile loop with a little hill into one corner. Was not the totally flat course I expected. I stayed at the very back of the field for the first couple of laps - not knowing what to expect for speed I didn't want to create stupid gaps for people at the very beginning! Anyway, once I realized the pace was not that fast I moved up and stayed about 4th or 5th wheel for the entire race.

Just after the hill on the second to last lap, this really big guy, probably 6'3" and about 230-240lbs just motored off the front. I jumped up to his wheel. Great draft BTW! (In the pic, he's the guy in the red, I'm the dude right there behind him, 2nd from right) He never looked around and never stopped pulling until another guy jumped from third wheel at about 1 lap to go. I was on his wheel and stayed there for most of the last lap. Came around the final turn with the long drag up to the line. No gas to come around him and a few more came around us both. Crossed the line 5th.

Not really any significance to being 5th (only 1st got any $$ and I was not in contention for the "cookie prime"), but I was quite pleased with my "race." I managed not to get dropped. Stayed in good position. Nobody yelled at me for doing something stupid. Crossed 3 gaps during the "race." And lastly, managed to not be last.

The race was a lot of fun. And not terribly hard until the last 3/4lap. Although I never looked during the race, just after the sprint I checked my HRM on my wrist and it said 199bpm! Ouch! I haven't seen a number that high since college! Maybe it was an anamolous reading? I thought my max was around 196-197. I'm 30 yrs old...

Maybe I'll try the races the next couple of weeks too that are put on by yet a different club. Although for those, everyone starts together, 5s along with 1s... One guy after the race told me though that it usually splits up into at least two groups so there should be a group for me. We'll see.

Perhaps I should change my handle from Wannabe to "noveread"?!

Thanks for reading!

Nice work!53T
Aug 14, 2002 10:51 AM
Good job, it looks like you will be sticking with this racing thing, no?

Remember, sprinting is adifferent energy system from hammering (the last 4 laps). You may feel that you have nothing left with 300m to go, but that is your hammering tank that is empty. Take a look around, stand up and sprint, your sprinting fuel may still be there and you don't know until you try. You can't even practice this since there is no way you will ever start a sprint at 195bpm while training.
Good Job -- and wonky HRMtriangleforge
Aug 14, 2002 1:31 PM
Good work -- that's how a first race ought to go!

As for your surprisingly high heartrate, it's possible. But more likely, if yours is like most heart rate monitors, it's picking up interference from who knows what -- riding close with other riders with HRMs on, you could be picking up stray beats from others that will boost "your" total. Expensive HRM will often have a coded signal to prevent this, but I'm to cheap to know much about those!

Aug 14, 2002 2:58 PM
I regularly see 200+ at the end of a crit sprint. I'm 37. The rates he mentions are totally possible.