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Front Range Races???(11 posts)

Front Range Races???Rode Warrior
Aug 9, 2002 8:19 AM
I'm new to the area (Longmont), and would like to try my hand at racing. I was wondering if there were any more races in the Boulder - Ft. Collins area, and where I can go to find info about racing in the area. I'm not sure I want to race a crit, as I haven't ridden in a pack in a while, and they seem a bit too hectic. I read the earlier posts by LFR (healing energy coming your way) advising now as a fine time to give it a try, and I always seem to find out about the races after they've happened.

re: Front Range Races???RockyMountainRacer
Aug 9, 2002 8:49 AM
Check these sites for race schedules:

There are plenty more races coming up in the next month and a half left in the season here on the front range. Do some races before this season ends, then you will know what you need to work on for next year. Don't be dissappointed with whatever results you get--we are very fast racers here and have been training and racing hard for at least 7 months now!
thanks dude!lonefrontranger
Aug 9, 2002 10:10 AM
Got your healing vibes and used 'em this AM.

After 18 days of diligently suffering in a tight figure 8 brace (and sometimes sling), I finally got disgusted with the entire process this morning and took the #@&$# thing off. So far (6 hours and counting) the shoulder is stiff and a bit twingy if I move suddenly, but the break area is plenty stable.

Hmm, I see that while I was off flaming the trolls on the General board, RMR beat me to the punch on all the local URLs - good work. Presto, you now have the equivalent of roadie racing's "secret handshake". I'll be at Bannock on Sunday, though not racing.

Longmont, eh? If you're ever interested in riding at lunch or after work, I work in Niwot, right across the street from IBM.
thanks dude!Rode Warrior
Aug 9, 2002 10:16 AM
I've been by there during a lunch ride. HWY 42 to Niwot Rd to the diagonal.
I'll take you up on the ride invite once you are healed.

It seems that Crits are all that are left this year. I might have to grit my teeth and just do one. Have you done the Superior race? And what's with no Cat5/citizen catagory?

There's no Cat 5 in the ACA and a minor rant in favor of critslonefrontranger
Aug 9, 2002 10:56 AM
BipedZed fielded a big discussion about that a couple months ago. The ACA leadership and team managers had a big donnybrook about reinstating Cat 5 at last year's annual meeting, and it didn't pass.

Most of the other places in the nation that I've experienced run combined Cat 4/5 races anyhow, so a Cat 5 only field is actually kind of rare unless you come from Cali.

If you are 35+ by any chance, you can do the 35+ Cat 4 race, which is what I'd recommend if you do qualify. Smaller field and better bike handling.

A lot of folks complain about the prevalence of crits. A lot of folks have never tried to hold a bike race either (not finger pointing, merely stating fact).

Unfortunately, (speaking as someone who has been an active race promoter since 1996) holding road races in this country is a logistical and financial nightmare. It's a lot easier, safer and cheaper to use a 1.5K fully controlled and closed office park loop on a Saturday than, say, any of the so-called "rural" roads around here (think of the traffic flow density on 63rd St on a Saturday for instance). When you have riders on roads open to traffic, you not only have to get permission from all the jurisdictions you go through, you also open yourself up to a LOT of grousing from local traffic and residents, you have to pay police to man the intersections, and you have to pay a motor official for each separate field to enforce the yellow line rule. Re: getting permission from the local jurisdictions: the "not in my backyard" attitude prevalent in most of the U.S. to anything that hinders their ability to drive 2 blocks to McDonald's for lunch on a pretty Saturday afternoon ensures that crits are a staple of American racing.

Superior is a rolling circuit race done on some pretty wide roads just off the base of the main climb on the old Morgul Bismark course (if you know where that is). That would be the one I'd recommend you try.

There's also a *really* hilly stage race coming up in early September out somewhere around Granby. And if you *really* want good stage / road racing, go to Tour of Gila (middle of nowhere New Mexico) or Platte Bridge (middle of nowhere Wyoming) next year.

Essentially, if you want a good road race, you have to be willing to drive to the middle of nowhere, since those are the only places willing & capable of holding them.
There's no Cat 5 in the ACA and a minor rant in favor of critsRode Warrior
Aug 9, 2002 1:30 PM
That then explains many things, and very well I might add. I'm really temped to do the Superior race now. Thanks so much.

Aug 9, 2002 11:14 AM
I'll be at Bannock so hopefully I'll see you there. What I'm really gunning for is the State TT. My TT prep is going well and there's a good chance I could medal in the 3s. Then it's the Superior races and the Granby races to finish out the road season.

See you at Bannock.
Bannock, how'd it go?lonefrontranger
Aug 12, 2002 9:34 AM
We were wasted from a real adventure at the Saturn Classic; so we crawled out to watch Bannock at about the same time as the Men's 35+ field got the bell. I looked around for you, but the Cat III's had all evacuated by the time we got there.

Saw a horrible crash in the women's elite that took out one of the Diet Rite gals with a broken arm. Watched Sherpa do a damn gutsy ride in the pro race; I'll let him tell that story if he likes.

Remind me to tell you our Saturn Classic story sometime. My car looks like it was dipped in a dust wallow.
The usual...BipedZed
Aug 12, 2002 10:56 AM
pack finish. I started moving up in the second half and then someone scraped a pedal in turn 1 almost causing a huge crash and I freaked and just rode it in with the pack instead of getting aggressive. I have too much at stake for State TT.
yeah I heard about thatlonefrontranger
Aug 12, 2002 11:56 AM
The little blond dude from Pro Peloton who rides the white Morgul Manx was talking about the chaos on the last lap. I don't know if you know who I mean; think he was a VC guy last year. His biceps are bigger than my quads. He said it was so bad he just sat up and let the whole field go.
I didn't think anybody went down in that racePack Meat
Aug 12, 2002 12:58 PM
There was that really close call right before 5 to go on the first corner but I thought everybody stayed upright. There was a little blond PP guy that was bugging the hell out of me the whole race. He was riding on the inside and every corner he would jam on the brakes to get around the corner. He must be a mtn bikercause he never really drafted. If he knew how to race in a pack he may have had a better finish.