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First TT: Use a CamelBak?(19 posts)

First TT: Use a CamelBak?nova
Aug 5, 2002 6:45 PM
I have a 40K tt coming up, and I have the "aero" Razorback model of CamelBak.

Bottles, or CamelBak?
re: First TT: Use a CamelBak?CharlesTT
Aug 5, 2002 7:54 PM
Try it out on a ride first to make sure the water does not move around on your back. If it does and you don’t notice it that much let it fly. If you notice it and it bothers you then just go with one bottle.

It will be beneficial as far as aerodynamics go. You are eliminating cages and bottles on the down tube and with a big hump on your back there are two pluses. You are filling most of the gap above your neck. You are also eliminating any slack in your jersey or skin-suit so you get a tighter fit with less flapping.
re: First TT: Use a CamelBak?climbo
Aug 6, 2002 5:15 AM
I used a Razorback in one this year, although I flatted and only did about 10 kms I had no problems with it. i have another in 2 weeks and plan to use it again. It's easy and I suppose you could argue it is more aero too.
testing says use bottlesDougSloan
Aug 6, 2002 6:44 AM
I couldn't believe this, but these guys have tested and say that bottles on frame (not behind seat) is most aero:

This could be for several reasons. The bottles could sheild the seat tube and rear wheel somewhat, or fill the negative pressure area behind the down tube. They don't explain. This doesn't seem to account for the worsened aerodynamics when you reach for and drink from a bottle, though, compared to sipping from a Camelbak. Nonetheless, the time spent drinking in a 40k is minimal; the aero interruption should be less if you pick the right times to drink, like when slowing for a turn, any time you are coasting, or when climbing slowly, when air drag matters less.

If you are not proficient at drinking from a bottle, I'd use a Camelbak. The ideal Camelbak for a 40k is probably the 50 oz Siren, worn under the skinsuit.

It looks like the pros use bottles, including Lance when winning timetrials. While they are moving much faster than us sub-humans, the principles should be the same. Without convincing information to the contrary, I'd do what they do.

testing says use bottlesJon Billheimer
Aug 6, 2002 7:27 AM
I tried a Camelbak and didn't like it. The reason being that I found it too difficult to get enough fluid down at a time. It's hard to repeatedly sip on the tube when you're riding at LT. So, if the weather's cool, I simply hyper-hydrate for a couple of days and go without a bottle, or take one bottle with me. Even at that you'll probably only be able to drink about half a bottle during a 40K.

To make up your own mind, train for a few weeks with a Camelbak and see how it works before actually racing.
to each his own...ski4x
Aug 6, 2002 10:02 AM
Thats funny because I find drinking from a camelback effortless, yet drinking from a bottle will actually raise my heart rate by 1-2 beats whilst riding at LT.
testing says use bottlesweiwentg
Aug 6, 2002 3:23 PM
> doesn't seem to account for the worsened aerodynamics when you reach for and drink from a bottle, though

simple solution. put an empty bottle on the downtube. and wear the camelbak (under the jersey, a la LFR).
testing says use bottles53T
Aug 9, 2002 6:25 AM
I thought camelbacks were illegal for UCI events, like Lance rides.
Use either, best bet is to hydrate before raceBryanJL
Aug 6, 2002 8:18 AM
like Jon said below.

Really hydrate. Obviously don't drink too much (possible, but not likely you would), but drink a lot the day/day 1/2 before the race....go into the race with lots of water in you.

One less thing to worry about.

Unless the TT is really hot and dry or really hot and humid, you'll probably be surprised by how little you drink during the race...not that you won't drink, but in my experience, I always end up woth much more IN the bottle at the end than I imagined I would.

Good luck....where is the TT?

thanks all! location of TT:nova
Aug 6, 2002 8:26 AM
I'm still puzzled, just like the crit discussion...shirt
Aug 6, 2002 11:06 AM
Okay, a 40k TT is over in about an hour. A crit is over in about an hour. This is the second discussion dealing with drinking during one-hour events.

You don't need to drink during a one-hour event.

Hydrate the night before and you'll be fine.

I have to agree...JSchneb
Aug 6, 2002 11:42 AM
Like shirt said, hydrate the night before. Eat some high-glyc. carbs about 2 hours before, and sip some CytoMax (or other; I like Cyto because of its Lactic-buffering effect) during the warm up and you should be fine.

On a second note, having a bottle in the cage is more aero than the cage alone...
Aug 6, 2002 12:21 PM
look back to nationals a few years ago when mari holden won the women's event in cincinati(was it?)

seems she didn't drink, but when it is hot and you are exerting yourself that hard...the end result heat exhaustion.

when i tt, i'll drink 1-5 times depending on the weather conditions for a 40k. hot enough, and i will finish a bottle and still be about 3 lbs lighter when finished. that would be 4 lbs of water lost to sweat. starting to affect performance.

in comparison, a 1 hour crit is a cake walk. the drafting effect is huge unless you are off the front in a small breakaway. in which case, you are going to want some water.
I disagreeshirt
Aug 6, 2002 1:03 PM
Drinking during a one-hour event is not going to stave off heat exhaustion. If you're going to get heat exhaustion in a one-hour endurance event, you're going to get it whether you drink or not. You just can't lose enough fluids in an hour to require drinking.

Running a 10k is a little quicker than an 40k TT, but have you EVER seen a competitive runner drink during one of those? Do you think they're sweating any LESS than a cyclist? Do competitive runners drink during a 10-mile run or race? No, they don't.

I'm not saying you couldn't or shouldn't drink during an hour-long event. I'm just saying it's unnecessary. Go much over an hour however, and I'd say START drinking about 20 minutes into your event.

While I'm on it, a word to the wise: finish your hydrating a half hour before your event. The last thing you want is to feel the need to take a leak fifteen minutes into your event.

I disagreeJon Billheimer
Aug 6, 2002 5:46 PM
On one 40K TT this year I lost 3 lbs, just under 2% of my body weight--not enough to start affecting performance. Another thought about drinking during a short event, gastric emptying is fairly slow when working at threshold, so this can even further minimize its value. The best time trialists I know don't carry any water with them for a 40K or shorter.
i'll get faster then,jp2
Aug 7, 2002 5:11 AM
by not drinking. i was looking for a way to improve my times, i guess this is the way.
probably true but make sure you drink a lot afterwards (nm)ColnagoFE
Aug 7, 2002 5:20 AM
re: First TT: Use a CamelBak?clintb
Aug 7, 2002 9:04 AM
How about just one 20oz bottle? Maybe you will or maybe you won't need water for hydration during that one hour time frame. I tend to not drink much water during my 1 to 1.5 hr nightly rides, but it sure does quench the thirst if I get cotton mouth unexpectedly. Most times that never happens though.
Use the c-back slung against your chest.Pack Meat
Aug 7, 2002 3:11 PM
You don't want a big hump on your back. That's actually why Lance has the special TT helmet because of his hump. Sling it down around your gut to fill in that area. I can't find the tests but I hear that people with big guts are more aero because that areas is filled in.