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PcCoach, Cyclist Training Bible, HR data and training diaryskip work to ride
Aug 5, 2002 6:30 PM
Wanted to see how racers were using the computer and internet training guides to develop or enhance your training.

I currently use PCCOach, (free subscription), Friel's training bible (built a spreadsheet) and use my PC 510 (with cadence) on every ride. Does any of this really work????? Or should I get a real life coach?

I looked at the and it seems the same as the PcCoach - were it automatically builds a season and workouts from the "software". But I wanted to see how people are putting this togethor with real world info.

For example I am butt a## tired, so maybe I should back off. I got smoked on the hills at the last two races so change to include???

I download my HR info after every ride, I check the time in zones, but I don't use it to change what I do the next day or compare it to race the week b4.

Any suggestions?
re: PcCoach, Cyclist Training Bible, HR data and training diaryJSchneb
Aug 6, 2002 6:41 AM
I tried PC Coach, but I didn't like it very much. If you are looking for software to "guide" your training, then is much better.

With, you start off assessing your "limiters" and build your season around your "priority" races. The software uses your "limiter" to determine what type of workouts to schedule. The "art of training" part comes into play when scheduling your week. The software tells you which workouts to perform in a given week, but it doesn't tell you how much time to spend on each one and how to space them apart.

Personally, I like having that flexability. In your example from above, if you got smoked on the hills in the last two races, you can choose "force" as your limiter and will suggest force-type workouts as your training focus. I've used it for a while with much success.

I've just started working with a real coach, but it's too soon to give any real feedback. So far, I like the "guidance" (do workout "A" on tuesday, "B" on wednesday, etc.). It is more ridgid, though. The thing that I really like is that if I'm butt a## tired today and I've got intervals tomorrow, I tell my coach and he re-arranges my schedule (gives me an easy day or tells me to take the day off). When I was on my own, this is where I really messed up (had intervals scheduled but I'm too tired - how do I set up the rest of the week to make up for the missed day). Hope this helps!
re: PcCoach, Cyclist Training Bible, HR data and training diaryEricTSV
Aug 6, 2002 7:32 AM
I've used the Training Bible book and I felt it was a good foundation and I had decent results but I've recently started a new plan designed by and I'm very happy thus far. The plan is much more detailed than the Friel plan I did myself. I'm doing the least expensive plan, which means my coach just sends me a 3 month plan that I follow with minimal input from the coach. The plan is pretty reasonable ($100 for 3 months). The coach I'm working with is John V. and he has been very helpful with all of my questions.

I would definitely suggest a real coach I think it has made a bigger performance boast than any product or trick part you can buy.