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is a race with 3500 feet a lot?(4 posts)

is a race with 3500 feet a lot?ishmael
Aug 5, 2002 1:54 PM
its 46 miles. I know the manayunk wall if that helps. Its a cat 4/5 race, any advice?
A century with 3500 ft of climbing is considered fairly flat ...Humma Hah
Aug 5, 2002 2:29 PM
TD Palm Springs (just a century, not a race) climbs about that far in 100 miles, and advertises as being fairly flat. I would have given them an argument.

If you're not used to it, I think that amount of climbing is gonna seem pretty hilly, but a lot will depend on if it is gradual or punctuated. If you're working on hills you can SEE, you'll know WHY you're going slowly and how long it will last. Spread a couple of thousand feet of climb over 20 miles at 1-2% grade, and you may feel discouraged at your slow average speed and wonder why you're feeling like an old man.

But its not realy a LOT of climbing. 8-10 thousand feet, THEN you maybe start calling it a lot.
re: is a race with 3500 feet a lot?Pack Meat
Aug 5, 2002 3:20 PM
yes if it's all at once, no if it's spread out. Many promoters will give you a profile of the course if it is a hilly race. This is an example of a hilly race.
the saturn classic is an extreme example (nm)ColnagoFE
Aug 7, 2002 5:17 AM