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Upcoming Road racing events, need advice.(7 posts)

Upcoming Road racing events, need advice.flyinbowlofmilk
Aug 4, 2002 1:53 PM
As soon as I get my bike out of the shop. I plan on doing some Road racing events in Sept. How should I plan on doing the events in Sept.? I plan on doing a RR and maybe a Crit. But there is the possibility of doing 2 road event in one weekend. The only problem with that would be that one is cheaper that the other(because of distance). Should I try it?. The next problem is that one of the Road racing events is going to be near the mountains. Should I try that Road racing event? My bike has a triple with one Shimano 105 shifter on it. And what advice would you give me one the one near the Mountians? Considering I am a 1st year racer.
re: Upcoming Road racing events, need advice.onespeed
Aug 4, 2002 3:25 PM
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nope! you're pretty much it! (nm)merckx56
Aug 4, 2002 3:32 PM
re: Upcoming Road racing events, need advice.flyinbowlofmilk
Aug 4, 2002 4:07 PM
forget it,onespeed. I was trying to get some advice on how I should proceed about doing road racing events in September. I should have learn from my mistake by posting something on this racing boad. I was wondering if any experience racer could give me advice on wheather or not to do both events on a weekend in September. Now about the other Road racing event that will be held near the mountains .I was wondering if some experienced racers could give me some advice on wheather I should give it a try. And to answer you question I pefer women over men any day. Matter of fact that is a good motivation factor. Taking into consideration that this is my 1st year as a Cat 5 racer.
I hope I somehow misunderstood what you saidweiwentg
Aug 5, 2002 1:17 AM
but if you have a problem with FBM, and/or you're homophobic, perhaps you would consider shutting the hell up? he asked a simple series of questions. if you don't have the intellectual capacity to answer them, leave it to someone who does. if you have a problem with him that is entirely your own business. if you are a troll, then you have my pity. if you are a troll still in his/her early teens, then perhaps there is some hope, but you're certainly off to a bad start in life.
Don't do bothKerry
Aug 4, 2002 4:55 PM
The odds are against you if you try to do two races in one weekend. If you race hard in the first one, you'll feel it the next day. If you don't race hard in the first one to "save something" for the second day, then you won't do well in the first one. The cost issue is something for you to decide, but given that you aren't an experienced racer, I would suggest doing the one "away from the mountains." Racing will be enough of a challenge without throwing in some big climbs.
I have NO idea what onespeed's problem (if any) is, butweiwentg
Aug 5, 2002 1:11 AM
unless the gradient on those mountains is that bad, you'll need to learn to climb in a double. Kerry's right, unless you're a natural climber, stay with the relatively flat events first.
as for the 2 events in one weekend thing, it's entirely your call. only you know if you have the conditioning to be competitive in both. you might also want to give the crits a break if you know you're going to get dropped. build confidence with relatively easy races.
btw, I thought your new bike was full Ultegra? I'm going to be racing with a 105 triple myself, but it's on a beater bike (back home). if you just got the bike could you ask the LBS to change it to a double? of course, this depends on terrain and your own ability and inclinations.
good luck!