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What makes a racing road/crit bikebrswann
Aug 3, 2002 3:03 AM
I am just reentering cycling after 20 years of having a family. The kids are getting ready for college now and I am interested in racing crits and road races. What are your thoughts on the best frame geometry and material for someone interested in this type of riding.
re: What makes a racing road/crit bikeshirt
Aug 4, 2002 2:19 PM

20 years ago it was steel, steel, steel, or possibly aluminum. Now it's aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, or steel. My opinions reflect the status quo:

Very light, very stiff, okay road feel, possibly harsh.

Light, not so stiff, very compliant, okay road feel, not harsh at all.

Carbon Fiber
Very light, pretty stiff, weird road feel but not harsh.

Still heavy, not very stiff, very compliant, awesome road feel, not harsh at all.

Most Antique Gentlemen like yourself :-) seem to prefer titanium for the obvious combination of qualities. Lighter than steel, better road feel than cf, and less harsh than aluminum. I'm closing in on 40, but after discovering high end aluminum I don't think I can go back. I believe AL is still the lightest and stiffest, and I've taken out some of the harshness with Xaero wheels. Plus, nothing else I've ridden accelerates as well.

Regarding geometry, not much seems to have changed in 20 years. I'll let somebody else go into that in detail...