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40k TT warm up.. any suggestions??(2 posts)

40k TT warm up.. any suggestions??bisiklet
Aug 1, 2002 11:03 AM
How should I warm up for 40k TT? how long should it be? Should I reach the anaerobic threshold? if so, how many times? Thanks Gurus..
re: 40k TT warm up.. any suggestions??DougSloan
Aug 1, 2002 12:43 PM
Warm up completely. Time trialing requires an intense, continuous effort from the start to the finish. So be ready to go hard from the first pedal stroke. Start the warm-up by spinning in a low gear for at least 15 minutes. Work up a sweat, and get your muscles loose until your pedal stroke feels fluid. Then do several short repeats, but don't exert too much. Go just hard enough to start stressing your body, waking it up for the impending effort.

Pick a gear you can start from a standing stop in your big chain ring. Finish warming-up with several short sprints in your starting gear to make sure your chain doesn't skip under load or your rear wheel pull over in dropouts. And time your warm-up so you have 5 more minutes to spin easily before you come to the line. You should be sweating, but not breathing heavily. In a time trial, each cyclist starts one minute apart. If you have a stopwatch, start it when the rider before you he leaves so you'll be able to determine your elapsed time by merely subtracting a minute off your watch at the finish.