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Schedule / Interval AdvicePatM
Aug 1, 2002 6:47 AM
Looking for a little help with my riding schedule, here it is;
Monday - easy pace ride 45-60 minutes
Tuesday - moderate pace ride 55-65 minutes
Wednesday - easy ride in the morning 40 minutes(optional)
evening training crit approx 80 minutes
Thursday - easy ride 45-60 minutes(optional)
Friday - moderate pace ride 55-65 minutes
Saturday - moderate pace ride 3-5 hours
Sunday - moderate/easy ride 1.5-2.5 hours
OK my questions are where would you put interval or sprint training into this schedule ? Keep in mind there are some time constraints to when and how long I can ride. I also don't want to be completely wasted on Wednesday or Saturday.
What kind of intervals should I do if to give me the best bang for the buck ?
How old are you? you need to throw in some rest, too,bill
Aug 1, 2002 10:28 AM
you know.
As for intervals, intervals are specific to what it is you are trying to train. Makes too much sense, doesn't it? You get what you pay for.
For crit racing, you need those explosive bursts to catch the passing trains and you need to cover the surges to avoid gapping. Depending on your strategy, you need a sprint and some breakaway/time trialing ability.
See, you already knew what you need to know to do what you need to do.
How old are you? you need to throw in some rest, too,PatM
Aug 1, 2002 10:44 AM
"No rest for the wicked" I am 36, and just looking at when to put the intervals in my week, so that I am not burnt from doing intervals on either Wed crit(for when I need them) and Saturday, I guess I am thinking of working them in Tuesday or Sunday ?
Usually take Thursday completely off, and/or Wed morning for rest. Depends on the weather.
Define Moderate.Canidraftyou
Aug 1, 2002 12:37 PM
If Moderate to you is a tempo ride, your heart rate is in Z3. If your riding in Z3 or Z2 you are riding way to much at a moderate pace. Your only High intensity day is on Wed. (Race day). My guess is that your not training for a peak period. Judging by your work out, your doing maintenance "not getting faster or slower.

Try training on a 6 day schedule. You have Mon. and Thurs. as your shortest easy days. If you think your ready for interval training, then you should be ready for several other types of riding. The question is, what is your weakness? If its Sprints then start working Interval Tempo Climbs with a sprint at the top after your rest day, next day following it with spinning in E2 (Z1-Z2). I would never do the same work out back-to-back. You have to many moderate days mixed with easy days running back-to-back.

With that in mind, I would make your
Fri. Rest day.
Sat. Interv. Tempo Climbs with sprints at the top.
Sun. Endurance day at low intensity.
Mon. Speed Intervals, Warm up! Ride with your HR at 85% 5 times for 4 min. w/3 min. recovery between. Do this in your drops at 90 rpms.
Tue. Short Recovery E2 (Z1/Z2).
Wed. Race day with a long warm up and a few Jumps.
Thurs. Work Form sprints, after a nice warm up. Sprint on a down hill grade at 70/80% your legs should be feeling pretty sloppy, this is why your working for form at the end of the week. To many people work form sprints when they are fresh. How many races have you been in when your legs felt fresh when it was time to sprint to the finish. NEVER! I always work form sprints at the end of my training week.

The only part of the schedule I dont like is the Sat. Mon. work outs being so close. and before your race day. But with the races being on Wed. they must be A/B races. Where you want to shine is the regional/state level.

My $.02 worth.