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Group Avg. Vs. Solo???(2 posts)

Group Avg. Vs. Solo???Sparticuss
Jul 31, 2002 9:55 AM
Howdy all, Just got a road bike about two weeks ago and found out that I will be racing in the HEW Classics in Hamburg Germany this coming weekend. History. MTB Racer transitioning to road, did a couple group rides to learn some things, and logged just over 800 kilometers on the road. My Question. I only have been able to Avg. 36.5Kph(22.5Mph)on relatively flat ground over rides of about 50 Kilometers or so. What kind of increase in Avg. speed can I hope for during simular racing conditions in the pack? I know that I'll have to muster at least anouther 5 k's Avg. but think that is an insane amount to hope for. What can be expected? Thank you for your input!
re: Group Avg. Vs. Solo???brider
Jul 31, 2002 10:09 AM
The difficulty in transitioning from solo riding to group riding usually isn't in average speed, but in keeping up with speed changes. Triathletes have this difficulty all the time. With drafting and good pack position, you'll find that the extra 5K's worth in speed will actually be EASIER than the solo riding, but reacting to the changes on speed becomes very taxing.