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hrv, how was it? CCP100 content(4 posts)

hrv, how was it? CCP100 contentThe General
Jul 29, 2002 2:24 PM
How was the road race? I took 3rd overall 15 minutes back in the Cascade Cream Puff 100 ( and 1st singlespeed by about 1 hour. See my post under the MTBR Singlespeed board for the full story.


PS> I post under General Coonskins over there
Umm....had fun, and congrats!hrv
Jul 29, 2002 5:03 PM
My results where like the exact oppposite of yours -- something like third from last in the 4/5's. Someone said the 4/5's had the highest avg. speed, even compared to the 1/2's. I knew the field was full of sand baggers, but come on!

Anyways, 3/4's into the first lap my legs filled with lactic acid (note to self: no weight lifting or windsurfing before the 'big' race!) and couldn't hang. In all of my recent training, or at PIR, I didn't get such tired legs. The pace wasn't that blistering at the start. Can't explain it.

So almost a year ago today I started road riding, with basically no prior mtb or other aerobic base, and yesterday I did a state champ. race. I entered with a minimal amount of training, no intervals, and I guess my results and age (47) showed it.
I don't know if I can give up my other recreational hobbies to train more (or rest more!) to get to the next level, which in my case is finishing a road race with the pack. If what LFR has said here is true, that it takes 5 years to make a racer, than I feel better. But what can the 40 - 50 yr. olds do against the 20 - 30 yr. olds, who are probably strong 3's but afraid to move up?

What's your riding background? How long did it take you to achieve this super level of fitness that you must have? Great job on your race and what can you tell me about the Eugene Celebration? There's a chance I might do it.

Umm....had fun, and congrats!The General
Aug 1, 2002 7:36 AM
You finished which is more than some can say when the going get's tough. The 4/5 field is interesting, I moved up to Cat 3 for the Cascade Cycling Classic and it seemed to be about the same if not a little slower pace with a longer race. The more you do it the more your legs get used to it. I tried road racing last year and got creamed and now I am in the top 10 almost everytime and attacking all the time (for training). Training more can help but specific training is the most important. Take the time you have and make the most of it. I don't give up my other activies until about 1 month before a big event, the CCP100 this year.

It does take some time to develop the racing legs, 5 years is probally about right for a top level in the field but I think you can do good on a 1-2 year level as well. Just not as consistent as a 5 year veteran would be. Against the 20-30 year olds you just have to be smart, I am 31 by the way, most guys that age make mistakes. That is when you take advantage of them, learn everything you can about road racing and pay attention during the race. You could also race masters, of course I would only do this if it was the 45 and older class those 35-45 guys are fast.

I started riding in 93, recreational mtb for about 2 years before racing my first beginner mtb race. I then raced 3 other beg races and moved to expert. I wanted more for my money and could handle the longer distance. Besides you don't get stronger unless you ride with stronger people, pushing the limits some of the time. I never did that good until I took 3 years off and came back in 2001. I helped start the CCP100 in 95' then tried it in 98 with out finishing it. In 97' I stopped racing short races and the CCP100 was the only race in 98', and more of a ride at that point. I finished it in 2000, it didn't happen in 99', and in 2001 I decided to try it on SS. Halfway through the year I was strong enough I thought I could challenge for the 1st SS, which I won and defended this year. I was close enough, 1 hour behind the winner, that I decided to push hard and plan to race it this year. So to rap this up, it has taken me about 8-9 years to be competitive at the level I am at know. Road racing is a different ball game and I hope to be a top cat 3 next year. In Oregon cat 3 will race with the 1 & 2's about 1/2 the time so that will give me that option as well. It will be my 3rd year road racing, 1st was 3 races, 2nd (this year) 7 races and then next year I want to do some of the bigger Oregon tours.

The Celebration Road course has one hill that is 2k long. It will break the field up and be a good possibillity for a break away win. Although if people are working together at the back or when they get dropped there is plenty of time to get back on. besides the 2k hill it mostly rolls along pretty mellow. The TT is pretty flat except for a 1/2k gradual climb that you do in both directions. Good chance there will be some strong head wind on the return trip.

Hope something I said helps, keep at it if you enjoy it and one of these times it will pay off.
Congrats! hope to ride with ya next time your down! (nm)allervite
Jul 29, 2002 9:31 PM