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Anyone else drag their butts up Mt Evans Saturday?(7 posts)

Anyone else drag their butts up Mt Evans Saturday?ColnagoFE
Jul 29, 2002 9:09 AM
How'd y'all do? I see Scott Moninger beat out Vaughters (1:50)--musta been decided at the line since they had the same time posted. Kinda humbling that they get up the hill almost an hour before I do.
we did - in a car :)lonefrontranger
Jul 29, 2002 11:49 AM
Drove support for the Sr. Men III. Pack Meat was heard to declare "I like driving support so much, I may NEVER race this event again..."

Got some OK pics I'll post in a couple days.

Zed, we were rooting one of your teammates all the way up the switchbacks! He got dropped at something like mile 8, before we even got to Echo Lake, and at the time we commented something like "geez, that's a shame to pay $30 for a race and be gone before it's half over...". I mean this dude was GONE. Then suddenly as we came down the little descent to Summit Lake, here he comes hauling @ss around our car (we were assigned to follow the lead group). He was easy to spot; he had so much stuff crammed in his jersey it looked like he was carrying small children, his bib aprons were dangling in the breeze, and he is a *huge* burly sprinter type dude - NOT the kind you'd think would be dropping the skinny guys on the 25th mile of a hillclimb @ 14,000 feet. He finished 14th in the end, and must have passed something like forty or fifty guys. I got a great quote about this from Mike Fallon who finished fifth; seems your VC guy is some kind of wicked field sprinter. Mike and the guy he was riding with looked down @ about 5 switchbacks to go and saw your dude rapidly approaching. To quote Mike, it was a definite "oh s**t, where did HE come from" moment - the front group knew if he caught them anywhere within a K of the line, they were done for because he is such a quick finisher! So the leaders freaked out and took off with 4 switches to go, and it completely blew apart the group (we witnessed the fallout from the car, and it was not pretty). Nice to see a sprinter panicking all the little dudes on a hillclimb, eh?
cool...those switchbacks seem endless (nm)ColnagoFE
Jul 29, 2002 12:11 PM
Strong like bullBipedZed
Jul 29, 2002 12:28 PM
That guy is our strongest 3 and lives in Durango so he doesn't race much on the Front Range which sucks for our BAT situation. He is a burly guy but climbs well because of his sheer power and also rips it up as an Expert MTB racer. Tactically he's used to riding solo and more of a diesel but when he does warm up and gets going he's super strong. Plus he probably got stronger as the race got higher since he's from Durango.

I missed the race because I had to be at an out of town wedding. From your description I wouldn't be surprised if he stopped during the race to "drop some weight" before hauling ass to the finish.
Strong like bulltihipscrew
Jul 29, 2002 10:39 PM
R. _started_ with his bibs unhitched, I don't know why. I meant to ask him, but I assume it's cos his pecs are so big he can't stretch his braces over his shoulders. He is a force of nature. He is bidding for semi-pro upgrade shortly from what he said.
that was me :)Gutterball
Jul 31, 2002 3:24 PM
I really wish that I could have hung in there around the 8 mile mark. The continental breakfast at the hotel that morning consisted of danishes and really disgusting coffee...I packed down about 5 danishes (don't try this at home) 'cause I didn't have any other food with me. Danishes are certainly tasty, but not the food of choice by any strech of the imagination. I "woke-up" right before tree of my teammates (who has been out all year with back problems) gave me a time split and a big boost when he started cheering me on. After that I just kept reel'n them in. I was kinda bummed that I only got 14th. It's nice to know that I had a witness along the course. It's also nice to know that I was still at the front in spirit, despite all of the danishes.
Aug 1, 2002 8:57 AM
Wish our stupid digital camera had more memory. I ran out of shots before we got to Echo Lake. I also gave up because it's DAMN hard trying to lean out the window and take pics left-handed with a busted right shoulder.

You mean you weren't *planning* to get dropped! :) :) Gee, and here we were thinking all along that you were a wizard at knowing how to rate your tempo. There were certainly quite a few accelerations in the first ten miles that popped a lot of guys, and certainly weren't sustainable (those would be all the shuckees that you passed).

Despite the danishes (eugh! what WERE you thinking; next time BYO oatmeal or something) I think 14th is quite respectable. There was something like 80 guys in that field after all.

Besides, seeing someone of your heroic build climbing like a demon gives me hope, especially since I've been going better than expected in the hilly races this year. I like the idea of being a sprinter that can hang with the skinny ones on the steep stuff; it means I can play games with their head like I did at Andy Finch. Naughty games, like giving the field a little punch every lap at 100 meters from the top of the climb then letting gravity do the talking on the descent and watching all the featherweights who got gapped at the crest get spit out the back.

Hey wait a minute... didn't Jalabert used to be a field sprinter?? ;-)