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Jul 29, 2002 5:08 AM
I went out yesterday and did a relatively unremarkable 52 mile ride. Not a big deal normally, but this was the longest ride I have gone on in several weeks after being hit by a car in June. It felt really good to be out there on my new bike doing a ride over two hours long. I guess it doesn't have a lot to do with racing at this point, more just riding for the sake of riding. I think that it's easy to lose perspective when you are racing all the time, and in good form. When you are hurt and can't ride, and then have to gain fitness again. The coming back from injury part gives you a new appreciation to being able to be fit and fast, or just to be able to ride.

I guess with all the injuries I've read about here lately it should make one think. Appreciate your next ride instead of dreading that you have to do an interval. Be glad you can. It's a good thing.
Good point.(nm)Jon Billheimer
Jul 29, 2002 12:24 PM
"Give 110%, some can't"Canidraftyou
Jul 29, 2002 4:55 PM
On my screen saver, I have "Give 110%, some can't", ill try to be short, i think ive told this story before. I have a brother who has had two kidney transplants. And has never been given the opportunity to partake in sports. My whole life has been built around "Take advanged of what God has given you today, for it can be taken away tomorrow" (?).

When I feel pain in my thighs I remind myself, my brother will never have the opportunity to feel that sensation. So I grin and bare it! My message to those out there that have no idea how blessed they are, spend time at a local hospital on Christmas day, it'll touch your heart, I had the opportunity to do such a thing, my reason for doing this was the year prior my brother himself was in the hospital, and that opened my eyes to the realism of life in general. I know that this is a cycling/race message board, but it all translates into what motivates you. Is it your selfishness, having nothing else to do with your life, the reward of looking up the results of your last race on the internet, or is something more than that? My sub-par results, the love of the open road and my brothers condition is my motivator and thats why I ride.

No need to reply.

Aug 1, 2002 12:37 PM
Spent last christmas afternoon in the ER hoping my dad's stroke wasn't as bad as they said... he's been in a nursing home since january, not responding to therapy and pretty much unable and unwilling to get out of bed. He just turned 60, I know there's people his age who could easily keep up with me on a bike.

I recently told him about my first century this year, how I trained for it and overcame my own mental obstacles, hoping it would motivate him to try more physical therapy, but couldn't seem to get through. I honestly don't know if I'd respond any differently in that situation, it's easy to say "of course I'd keep trying", but it definitely makes me appreciate what I have and what I'm able to do.

oh well.