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typical race speeds/times?(3 posts)

typical race speeds/times?jfd141
Jul 26, 2002 4:10 PM
As a relatively newbie biker (just got a road bike a month ago) I have no idea of what races are like. I'd really like to try a small race in a little bit once I build up a base but I don't want to show up and get burned. Thought about trying some group rides however there isn't much of a road biking scene in my neck of the woods (rural pennsylania). Just trying to get an idea of what kind of speeds and times people race at? For example, a cat 5 mediocre 40k TT? I realize I won't be winning any prizes, but I'd like to at least finish in a respectable time. Any comments appreciated. Thanks

Try oneBryanJL
Jul 26, 2002 10:12 PM
Hi John,

Well, if you're thinking of doing a 40k TT as a first race, try one on your own and you'll get a better idea. Approx. 25 miles if my math serves me right.

It would be very beneficial, very very beneficial, to try and do group rides, especially with a club that is competitive or races. That will give you a much better idea of what it generally's hard to give numbers since courses and conditions can change so much...and average speed can be very deceiving....18mph avg doesn't sound very hard, but if it's a hilly course it is.

Tyr a 40k TT for yourself as a tester, though if you're just starting I think a 20k (12 miles) might be a more manageable start.

Good luck!

re: typical race speeds/times?brider
Jul 29, 2002 9:14 AM
I'm not trying to throw cold water on your aspirations or anything, but you're asking the wrong question. A 40K TT time isn't going to give you an idea of how you'd do in ANY cat race except a TT. There are a lot of strong triathletes that can smoke most cat 3 racers in a TT, but put them into a pack situation, with attacks, surges, tactics, etc, and they are the ones getting smoked. Build your base, and get out and do some races. You'll get dropped most likely in your first few races, just try to learn something each time out. Also, if you can find a team in your area to tag along with, you'll climb the learning curve much faster.