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mountain biker turned roadieMaillotJaune4me
Jul 25, 2002 8:21 AM
im a 16 yr old mountain bike racer who recently purchased a road bike. i would like to get away from mtn bike racing, and do more road races. in mountain biking i do races in the sport or comp classes, i was just wondering if anyone knew what CAT in road racing would the sport or comp level be in.
Cat 5climbo
Jul 25, 2002 9:46 AM
you can quickly move up to Cat 4 with some experience. Most of the Cat 3's I race with are Expert level MTB'ers or very good road racers who do not MTB. Cat 2 is verging on Semi-Pro MTB'er status or a top level Expert. Stick with 5's, get experience, move up to Cat 4, see how you go.
re: Cat 5 to start off. "read there is more"Steve A
Jul 26, 2002 4:20 AM
Having done mountain bike racing for the past 10 years i to have started to lean more into the road scene and find myself searching crits out. What you will find the strongest and fastest don't always win. You need to be smart and watch what is going on all around you. After a while you will see who is fast and who is reckless and who may take you out.I works better with team mates so if you can get your self on a good road team it will help. Next:The dynamics of crit racing is very different from off road racing, off road racing relates more to a time trial. In crits and in road racing there are sudden accelerations that you have to cover for fear of being spit off the back,then the race will settle down a bit and it will feel like you are crawling. Then you have to resist the urge to go off the front, and they (the pack) will let you.(it's ok to do from time to time to see who is strong and who will go with you) It's very hard to win one of these going off the front, it can and does happen but it comes down to the sprint as a rule. Road racing is another story. I do very well at crits but cant seem to get it together for the road races ? You need to be a good all around rider with climbing skills as well as a sprint. To close i have noticed in the last two years more and more people are droping out of off road and getting into the road races crits, track, etc ??? Road bike sale are way up and off road bike sales are way way down. I read somewhere that Trek road bike sales went up 40 % last year. Good luck