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Just Back From The Nats...And These Guys Are FAST!(2 posts)

Just Back From The Nats...And These Guys Are FAST!BigLeadOutGuy
Jul 21, 2002 8:25 PM
Hey Everyone!
I just got home from a 15 hour drive home from good old tennessee. It was pretty sweet being at my first national level event. The week started off with a bang when I had to drive a whole 16 hours straight on 1 hour of sleep cause my girlfriend was scared to drive at night with the trucks. no biggie...i was getting there a few days in advance so I could ride the course and get some rest before the race. So tuesday I took a nap then before dark we drove the course to check it out. the next morning I woke up and rode the course and it was hotter than satans sauna!! Boy was it hot! I thought it was very hilly too...not the best for a 6`4`` 240 pound carcass like myself but i kep optimisitc. So I decided to just use my 5500 with some aero bars (not that I had much else to use as far as equipment went hehe) =)
Than during sign in the night before I had forgotten to bring my birth certificate or passport to show that I was indeed a US citizen so i had to frantically call home to have my mom fax me a copy of my birth certificate and no one was home! I called a million times and thought i was never going to get through..but i finally did. So than I signed in and got my number =) yay!
Thrsday of the race it was sunny and nice before turning to torrential rain...then the sun came out and it started to dry...that is untill I got to the start and it began to downpour again. I thought to myself " first national race and its pouring rain..ill hit a slick spot and probably fall" haha
I took the start pretty easy before i started hammering. well just before the first turn around the sun came out and so did the heat! I swear it was hotter than hell. The heat coming off the pavement was incredible. I later saw that my rear tire had worn to the bone and the tube had started to melt onto the tire. IT WAS HOT!!!
well...when all was said and done I finished a shade over an hour...nothing spectacular yet nothing discusting. I thought it was a pretty decent time considering I was using a standard road bike with some aero bars...but i do wish i had some aero wheels...a nice zip 404 and rear disk! hehe
But That will be for next year =)
Other than that the crit races in downtown nashville were awesome...lots of spectators hooting and hollering which is always fun. I did one myself but the TT took a lot out of me and I had a pretty poor showing...but it was still fun cause it was the first crit that I ever was weird learning how to make fast 90 degree turns! haha
well im beat and off to bed...i was driving for 12 hours today and need some sleep!
see you all soon
ride safe!
What was your time? how far?Soultrain
Jul 29, 2002 1:43 AM