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hate to ask one of these HR questions BUT.....(3 posts)

hate to ask one of these HR questions BUT.....Gall
Jul 17, 2002 3:41 PM
i was just wondering if its normal for your HR to stay about 10 beat lower then normal when its really hot out? today in PA it was about 95 deg with an index over 100 deg.

re: hate to ask one of these HR questions BUT.....lordkit
Jul 18, 2002 10:43 PM
Had the same thing happen yesterday. It was hot and humid here in minnesota.

I think it might have had more to do with overtraing since I have recently found the perfect fit on my bike so I could go 30 miles without back and neck pain and I have not been sleeping much do to the house next door having a deck put in.
Not normalpeloton
Jul 19, 2002 2:18 PM
On a really hot day it would not be the normal thing for your heart rate to stay 10 beats lower than normal, all other things being equal. In the heat your heart rate would tend to beat faster. The same would be true for other weather related stressors such as high humidity.
When riding on a hot day you lose more fluid, which constricts the circulatory system resulting in higher HR. Your body is also moving more blood to the surface near the skin for cooling purposes, and this requires more work and a higher HR as a result.

Two things your decreased heart rate might be attibuted to-

1) You are overtrained, and you can't get your max HR up to normal. Get some rest.

2) It was so hot out that you weren't pushing yourself without realizing it, and that made your HR lower.

Hope this helps a little. Ask yourself how much you have been riding lately compared to normal. Are you sleeping well? Is your resting HR elevated? All these could help to say if you are overtrained.