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2 Weeks to go to the race: I think I'm ok (long)(5 posts)

2 Weeks to go to the race: I think I'm ok (long)hrv
Jul 14, 2002 7:07 AM
Race: Oregon State Champ. Two races on consecutive weeks, and I'll do the first one - the rehearsals, since that's the only one that has a cat 4/5 division. Have only been racing practise crits this year(about 10), no road races yet. Wouldn't normally have chosen such an event for my first race but this year it's being held in my back yard!
Only about 20 minutes from my house. Foolish for me not to do it.

Going to be 10+ mile loop, 4 laps, 600 + elevation per lap,including a short, about 12% climb right off the start.
Also a descent up to 40 mph with a 90 degree turn. Can you say carnage?

So my schedule has looked like this:
Monday: rest
Tuesday: training crit
Wed: mellow ride, up to 20 miles
Thur: hills using harder gears, 45 miles,incl. 10 miles climbing
Fri: rest
Sat: 32 mile very fast group ride.
Sun: 4 fast laps around race course, 42 miles
Probably a light schedule for most of you, but ok for me for now. Questions:

1. I'm going to follow the above schedule next week, and today will do 5 fast laps around the race course. What would you cut out/reduce for the week before? The fast group ride? You've all said to cut back on the volume and up the intensity before a race. Keep the hill work but only do 20 miles?

2. My cat doesn't start until 1:00 ! Take an extra nap?
Get a pre-race massage? Go fishing?!

3. There's a couple of tech. sections to watch out for but the one that concerns me is the fast descent to the right hand corner. Anything I can do other than countersteering and praying to up my chances of making it safely? As it is I can barely make it now, by myself, going 25. They're going to have to give the yellow line rule some slack here.

4. I could just about ride my bike to the start as my warmup(16 miles). Better to use a trainer? I'll need something since it takes me a lap to warm up and if they put the hammer down off the start I'm screwed!

BTW I volunteered to do results for the race the week after mine. I get to hear the whining!

Thanks and wish me luck!
re: 2 Weeks to go to the race: I think I'm ok (long)BryanJL
Jul 15, 2002 8:02 AM
Hi hrv,

Good luck. Focus and don't worry. You're committed, and you've got nothing to lose. Go do your best and have fun. Learn as much as you can.

As for your questions:

1. My week before would be the same, but my week of the event I would not stress myself with hills. (Week of/week before...may just be us calling the same thing diff names). Anyway, the 5 days before the event cut volume and intensity, yes, but still have some intensity. Like a 1 hour workout with 5-6 sprints in it. Maybe not even all out...only 2 all out, the other 3 for form. I'd stay away from hills (hard ones) for the 4 days before an event. Ask yourself--how well can you recover? Then you can know how much time you need before an event.

2. Don't worry. Pack a cooler with water, fruit, etc. You have a lot of time to get there, prepare, relax, and warm up then race. Get there early, find a place to park and warm up, in the SHADE if possible, check in, get ready.

3. If I were an official, I'd say "Centerline rule strictly, absolutely enforced. So watch it on the sharp corner, watch out for each other, take it slow to be safe." I've done races with semi-scary turns, and what I've learned is: be in the front, or be in a position that allows you time and place to escape if things get bad. So don't follow right on someone's wheel, and relax.

4. No riding to a race. If you flat, etc.....Bring the trainer. At least mechanicals on a trainer have you right next to your car....if you have a spare wheel, use it for warmup. For sure bring some spare tubes and irons just in case.

5. Above all, don't worry. There's nothing to worry about. Give this your absolute best shot as a hard training race. There will be a lot to learn, so keep your eyes and ears open.

6. Again, warm up well. True, it may not go hard from the start, but in my experience, whenever there's a 12% hill near the start, it is always hard for me. That kind of hill is a powerful separator.

Have fun, enjoy yourself, and let your training and preparation work for you.

re: 2 Weeks to go to the race: I think I'm ok (long)hrv
Jul 15, 2002 1:37 PM

Awesome advice! Esp. the part about not riding to the race. Hadn't even thought about the mechanical failure part, in spite of the fact I had 3 flats the other day!

I'm really looking forward to the race, looking forward to the other racers seeing what a beautiful place I live in, and esp. looking forward to the relaxation/other fun activities/recovery period afterwards.

Thanks again,
re: 2 Weeks to go to the race: I think I'm ok (long)-The General-
Jul 21, 2002 8:55 PM
hrv, glad to see your going to do it. I will be at the Cascade Cream Puff 100 ( that day going for the win.

As the Oregon racing goes here is what I would suggest for the cat 4/5 race pre-week. I think you are ready for it looking at your shcedule.

On that corner, if you can be up front going into it you will most likley avoid a crash. The 4/5 field tends to slow a lot for the sharp fast corners and then goes fast out of them.

If it were me,
1. If your legs usually feel good after the sat ride I would keep the fast group ride and cut out the hills and do a easier recovery ride..
2. Sleep in and eat a hardy breakfast about 5 hours before the race. Get to the race around 11:00 and get registered and relax. Start warming up about 30-45 minutes before the start. Check on the start time sometimes they postpone it. Being the stat championship race it will start out fast and hard. stay with the pack but don't work. Let the early runners do the chasing, and stay up front.
3. They usually do give the yellow line rule a break and have flaggers on the corner stopping traffic. Be prepared for people to slow down fast in front of you. Hold your line and pay attention and you will be fine. If someone goes down don't panic (hard to do, see below) and don't break if you can. Hold your line and they will probally be out of your way.
4. See above, riding to the start is okay but driving may help you relax more. Bring a change of clothes and some food for after the race. Bring a chair for before hand and use it to relax. If you have a trainer I would use it to warm up, you avoid flat's this way and get a better warm up.

As I mentioned above, if someone goes down hold your line. There was a crash last weekend in the Cascade Cycling Classic that took out about 40 riders out of 130, in a cat 3/masters race. It went from my front right around and behind to the left of me. It was from most of the guys braking and swerving that took more people out then should have gone down. It is hard to do but if you can hold your line and pay attention you can survive the crash most of the times. I have had people go down in front of me and by staying on course I missed them becsue they rolled to the side. Not always going to happen but from what I have seen it happens most of the time. The BB course had a sharp corner and they went pretty smooth, I was surprised how much people slowed down for them. I sprinted off the front just over the climb to make sure I was in the top 10-15 places going around the corner just to be safe.

Have good race and have fun,
Thanks, and good luck at the CCP100 ! (nm)hrv
Jul 22, 2002 6:55 AM