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interesting article -- Excerpted from Effective Cycling(2 posts)

interesting article -- Excerpted from Effective Cyclingwolfereeno
Jul 9, 2002 12:51 PM
Maybe this has been posted before but it seemed pretty interesting so I'll risk banging the board.

The Physiology and Technique of Hard Riding
I'm saving that...Wayne
Jul 9, 2002 2:55 PM
to post here in the future. I've tried to explain the muscle recruitment issue here before.
Although, I think he does exercise physiologists a bit of a disservice and set's them up as strawmen.
I'm an muscle physiologist, more or less, not an exercise physiologist and I've figured out most of what he's saying on my own from exercise/muscle phys. stuff that I've read so I would think real exercise physiologists would have a good handle on that stuff.
He probably does it for simplicity's sake but it's not really accurate to characterize a muscle fiber as aerobic or anaerobic (actually these are poor terms since they come from yeast physiology, it's better to talk about glycolytic capacity vs. oxidative capacity). All muscle fibers can do both just they're absolute abilities to produce ATP via the two basic pathways differ and are usually inversely related (so a mucle fiber with a large oxidative capicity probably has a poor glycolytic capacity). Additionally for the reason he outlines, slow-twitch fibers tend to have high oxidative abilities and fast-twitch fibers (of which there are two kinds) tend to have lower oxidative/greater glycolytic capacities but that is a gross generalization and you almost certainly have some fast-twitch fibers with greater oxidative capacities than some of your slow-twitch fibers. Afterall, contractile speed is determined by the actual contractile protiens whereas energy usage is determined by the amounts of enzymes available in the cell.