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Davis 4th of July CriteriumCharlesTT
Jul 5, 2002 12:01 AM
If anyone reading this was able to stay and watch both of the junior races, I want to hear your opinion on some things. I would also like to hear what other people think of what I am about to tell you. The juniors field was HUGE compared to most other junior races I have seen. The race organizers made a wise decision to split the junior fields up. They would race the 15-18 age groups together and then the 11-14 age groups together. I am 14 years old. This is my first year as a racer. My race was 12 laps on the 0.7 mile course. If you were there you saw at the beginning there was an older looking rider stuck off the back with the slower kids. He would be off the back of the leaders for the next 9 laps, that was me. If you were there and stayed to watch, you may have heard the announcer say that there were now 6 riders in the leading group. By then there were two laps to go. I just stayed off the back for most of the rest of the 2nd to last lap. There was an attack before that and we did the usual chase them down and recover for the sprint. When we chased the attack there ended up being only me and 2 other riders after the chase, the rest of them were 4 seconds in back from us. We were going really slow. The riders behind us were not trying very hard to catch back up. The two guys I was with were just looking at eachother waiting for the final attack. I took off from the two riders that have been out sprinting me and beating me in ITT. I won the race by 5 seconds and surprised the announcers, the other racers and of coarse my team.

Now that you have heard the story that was way, way too long. I would like to hear what some people think about this. I was off the back for 9 laps by 8 seconds and then eventually won. Anyone think that was kinda interesting or weird even? Tell me what you think.


(My move was pure butter my friends)
Enjoy it while you canshirt
Jul 5, 2002 10:33 AM
Sounds like a riot, Chuck! It's a great feeling, to be sure. But when you start racing with older teenagers I think you'll find the pace getting a LOT hotter. Even the difference between an 11 year old and a 14 year old is huge. Wait till you're facing guys who have to shave every day!

Congratulations, though. We live in a tough district...

re: Davis 4th of July CriteriumMr Good
Jul 10, 2002 10:58 PM
Congratulations! I did watch the junior races and it was a lot of fun! Your win would be more unusual in a "senior" race, but in a junior field there is a great difference in abilities, so anything can happen. Still, your win was a good example of why you shouldn't give up while the race is still on. I don't know if your competitors are faster or slower than you, but you won because you didn't give up, then you gave it that extra push at the end.

Racing with those 15-18 year olds will be a whole new experience. I recognized the top two finishers in their race: both have been racing in senior 3 races and doing very well. The guy on the Savemart team won the senior 3 RR at Pescadero, and I think he won the senior 3 Nevada City crit, too. Those guys are fast, but don't let them discourage you--racing against the older guys will force you to get stronger, even if it is hard at first!