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Paging Mtber and other front rangers Re: Getting Sponsored(4 posts)

Paging Mtber and other front rangers Re: Getting SponsoredRockyMountainRacer
Jul 1, 2002 12:20 PM
Hey guys, I was wondering if you all could give me some input on getting a sponsor and/or getting affiliated with a team. I am definitely a racer with an emphasis on mountain biking as my road racing is still pretty sorry--this is my first year of it as some of you may already know if you've read some of my earlier posts.

But the road racing and my increased knowledge of what works for me in training is really helping my mountain biking. I have three 3rd place finishes, one 4th, and two 6th place finishes in all of my mountain bike races so far for Sport 19-24. So a lot of the people I'm beating are sponsored, and I'm wondering if my results are good enough for me to get some kind of deal. I plan on staying Sport through most of the rest of the season (unless NORBA bumps me up), but I will definitely go to Expert for next year. Everybody in the Expert 19-24 category is sponsored by somebody.

So how does one go about this? Should I maybe just go into some local bike shops with a resume? Or should I try to get involved with a road team, even though I want to focus on mountain biking?

And on another note I have a question for Mtber regarding what advice you have for a female Sport rider in Colorado who is getting ready to upgrade. My girlfriend is starting to really dominate her Sport races (she won by 10 minutes at Crested Butte this weekend!), but her times still put her at the very back of the Expert class. It seems that the jump to Expert is a lot bigger for the women, probably because you ladies have no Semi-Pro class. So she definitely wants to be Expert for next year, but is contemplating making the jump sooner--do you think she should wait or take the plunge now? It is a hard descision for her because she wants better competition, but also doesn't think it will be much fun to be getting shelled off the back of the race.
re: Paging Mtber and other front rangers Re: Getting Sponsoredmtber
Jul 1, 2002 1:19 PM
Hey RMR,
You definitely should not have a problem hooking up with a sponsor for next year (its prob too late for this year). Most MSC teams have sports through semi-pro or pro. Believe it or not, most teams are looking for fun people who like to race, ie will attend a lot of races. Results are often secondary, although your good results so far won't hurt.

You will need to make yourself a race resume. You will want to include a short race history, a list of all races and results for the past season or two, your goals for next season, contributions that you have made to the sport (trail work, IMBA or BOA membership, how you helped get new riders into the sport, etc).

Next you have to get your resume around. One place to start would be with a LBS that you you regularly frequent (ie buy stuff from). Another good source of team names/contacts is the MSC website under the XC team standings. Click on a team name and it will give you contact info. I know that 'Go Fast/TPA' is a fairly large and diverse team always looking for new racers, so is Team Ironclad - they are a national Christian MTB team. You might also ask your competitors how you might get on their team next year.

About your GF: If she is serious about going as far as she can in MTB racing, she should upgrade right now. It is hard to push yourself when you are WAY out front (10 min is a huge 1st/2nd gap). When I turned expert, I had never won a sport race - I kept getting 2nd. I told myself that as long as someone was beating me, I was still being challenged. But I moved up to expert anyway and it was a whole new ballgame - you learn a lot! The biggest thing for me was the starts. I could easily get the holeshot in sport if I wanted to (even if I couldn't hold it for the win), but in expert I hung on for dear life. Anyway she will progress a lot faster in expert.

However she has to mentally prepare herself to not be top dawg anymore. I know from experience that this is tough. Although some breeze right throught the expert class, some take their time and move slowly up through the ranks. If she trains hard and keeps racing, she will improve. Which brings up another issue - with the upgrade comes the need to take the training up another notch. Many sports can excel by just going out and riding Apex or White Ranch hard a few times a week. Most experts put in a fair amount of road bike hours, and have more formal training programs involving intervals, etc.

One last thing. The 20-29 expert class is pretty tough this year, but I know many of those women are wanting to move up to pro (Becca should have her upgrade by Telluride) so the upper ranks should thin out a bunch by next year. If other top sport riders move up, your GF should find herself mid-pack in no time.

Good luck.
Thanks Mtber!RockyMountainRacer
Jul 2, 2002 6:44 AM
I will put that resume together and look for a sponsor for next year when I am Expert.

And I talked to the GF about upgrading, but I don't think she's going to do it untill next year. She wants to get stronger and get more experience in Sport this year. But if she wins by 10 minutes again, I will report her to NORBA myself as a sandbagger!
Thanks Mtber!mtber
Jul 2, 2002 7:02 AM
That's cool. It's important that she is mentally ready for the upgrade. Plus, a series win in Sport will look good on her resume.