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Andy Finch/Coal Miner's Classic(5 posts)

Andy Finch/Coal Miner's ClassicBipedZed
Jul 1, 2002 6:32 AM
The Andy Finch course was much different when rested. That sucker climb was extremely easy and I was able to power up it big ring everytime. In fact I attacked my group on that climb on the 2nd to last lap and soloed the last lap to finish 28th. Not great, but not bad for my first Cat 3 State RR Championship. Overall though the race was far too short for a State Championship.

Skipped Coal Miner's due to the late start time. Looked like it was pretty smoky in Boulder yesterday.

LFR - you a 3 now?
yes I amlonefrontranger
Jul 1, 2002 7:14 AM
I did AF as a 4 and Storagetek as a 3 - Yvonne was there at AF with my shiny new license. I'd planned to do neither race incidentally. It'll be good to do AF next year with proper rest and prep because I was actually the one who initiated the break on the first climb. Then reality and the "testosterone-fest" ride I did on Thursday hit.

It was extremely hot and smoky in Boulder for STK, and the Cat III men's field completely shattered. I imagine you would have been miserable, 'cause even the guys who won were complaining. Mac Caldwell's kid made it hard for everyone.

Here's the real news of the weekend. Mac Caldwell's protege Alison Lusby won the Women's 3 at AF by an entire lap over 2nd place (that was her first Cat III race), and then won the women's 1/2/3 at Storagetek by over a minute. I imagine some trade team will pick her up soon. She won a frame for women's best overall time at Pillar to Post, as a Cat IV (rode it in 20 minutes and change). Celestial Seasonings was her very first bike race. And it's no use wondering where the hell these people come from, she's merely the most recent aerobic sport crossover freak. She went to CU Boulder on full scholarship as a national champion XC runner.
AlisonPack Meat
Jul 1, 2002 8:49 AM
She is amazing. For those of you that may be reading and don't know, a really good time for the Pillar to Post race for Men's Cat 3 is 20 minutes and change. She crushed at Estes Park also. I heard some of the women commenting that she doesn't know how to handle a bike, well I guess you don't need to worry about it when you are off the front by yourself.

Storage tech was pretty hard, I made it to 4 to go and then took a suicide pull to try to pull back the break. It was that or I roll in with the field and finish Pack Meat. There is a new Pro P scary dude, I may have to condemn the whole 3's team after all.
Scary Pro P DudesBrokenSpoke
Jul 1, 2002 10:58 AM
What is the issue with the Pro P guys? I understand the problem with the guy who crashed at Longmont, but what was the problem with the other rider at Longmont? What did this new Pro P rider do at Coal Miners? I skipped Andy Finch becaue I go uphill with the same effectiveness as a rock. Had Andy Finch been all downhill then that would have been another story.
Jul 1, 2002 11:13 AM
"you don't need to worry about it when you are off the front by yourself".

That's exactly it. Without being too critical of a first-year rider, I'd still have to say that her pack skills leave something to be desired; I'd think Mac would work on this with her more, but as you say... She got dropped on every corner while I was still in the field, and was definitely NOT the wheel to be on. I imagine she got sick of being the dumb end of the yo-yo and decided to take matters into her own hands.

I got dropped trying to go for the 2nd prime, which I contested because I was about cooked anyhow. It was the most pathetic prime sprint attempt you've ever seen; my top end was enough to waste me, barely keep up with the resulting counterattack, then the field started *really* sprinting and I was toast. Oh well, as my old mentor used to say "if you know you're gonna get your ass kicked, you might as well throw the first punch".