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A strange race report.(3 posts)

A strange race report.flyinbowlofmilk
Jun 30, 2002 5:52 PM
Hi! It the fool and new Cat 5 racer again. Boy do I have a strange race report for everyone. But 1st of all I like to say hi to BLOG,LFR,and weintetg. Well let me see how I should try to explain it to you. First of all I registered for Novice 19-34 crit. online for the State Games of North Carolina. But when I got there no one caught it,until right before the Elite Cat 5 Crit. Oh well they put me in with the Cat 5 because of my license. But here come the funny and stange part of the crit. The Cat 5 crit started off with no problem,except me. And that was because I had just brought a new road bike about a 2 weeks before the State Games Cat 5 Crit. So by now I am near the back of the pack,and fight to get back into the pack. When all of a sudden here comes the Novice 19-34 group passing me by. So stupid me latch on to the Novice 19-34 for a lap or 2, before I get lapped by the Cat 5's. So here is where it get very strange. I thought that if you were racing for gold,silver and bronze medal,you would enforce and lap rule. But they didn't enforce it . And I got lapped again by the Cat 5's and novice 19-34. So now I am thinking it's time for me to pull myself out of the State Games Crit. But they kept on telling me to keep going. So I finish the crit. in next to last place . And last but not least there was some USCF racing officals there too. So I am not knocking that they allowed me to finish the crit. But I think that I should have been pulled after getting lapped. Although I appreciate them getting the crowd into it to watch me finish,but it was embarrasing.


re: A strange race report.kaiser
Jul 1, 2002 7:18 AM
The name of that crit again?
Two packs at the same time in a crit? Strange indeed... (nm)brider
Jul 1, 2002 7:48 AM