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Making my peak last longer. What U think?(1 post)

Making my peak last longer. What U think?Canidraftyou
Jun 30, 2002 5:45 PM
The last two years, my Build II was my strong point during the race season, not my peak!

Same thing this year during the first half of the season. What Im doing to change my luck in the area of performance, is doing my Base III again as Joe Friel says, but doing 4/1 four weeks build and one week recovery, not 3/1. Doing more hours the last week of Base III than Ive ever done and then shortening my Build I/Build II in hours. More intensity, but less hours from years past during the build. Hoping to prolong my performance so that I can be ready for the peak phase. Im also not going to diet during base, but diet during the build, using stemulates for energy. Of course ill do my endurox and protien drinks after each work out.

Anyone else have the problem peaking early? And was you able to correct it? And what did you do?