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New bike or upgrade?(5 posts)

New bike or upgrade?tmotz
Jun 27, 2002 12:10 PM
I'm 6'2" and 240 lb. Should I be looking for a entry level road bike or upgrading A Fuji Absolute I certainly have. The Fuji is from the mid 80's and still in good condition.For a new bike I don't want to go over $600.
Gut checkshirt
Jun 27, 2002 12:48 PM
IMO, you can barely get a low-end race bike for twice the amount of your max limit.

Because of this, I would ride what you have, keep it in excellent operating condition and save your money until you can get something worth spending hard currency on.

for $600, go usedKerry
Jun 27, 2002 5:36 PM
If you're willing to take a bike that is 3-4 years old, you can probably get a race ready unit for $600. Your Fuji is probably not worth upgrading, and you're just grazing the limit at $600 for a new bike.
I had one of those bikeslonefrontranger
Jun 28, 2002 8:57 AM
I bought a new Absolute in 1987 and it was a $300 bike back when the average new racing bikes went for a grand. The Absolute was designed for loaded touring and recreational riding, not racing.

Take your $600 and look for good deals on a used recent model Trek or Cannondale. The Absolute frame is not worth upgrading - the rear triangle is "mild" steel and will never be anything close to stiff enough for the power accelerations inherent to racing, plus the geometry isn't well suited to quick handling. It's a heavy ultra-stable noodly steel frame designed to carry racks full of luggage at low speeds all day long.

That being said, don't bother selling it. Keep the frame and convert it to a single-speed or fixie for winter riding; it has the necessary horizontal dropouts.
Get in some base miles, see if you even like training!Canidraftyou
Jun 30, 2002 6:20 AM
If your sold on the idea of getting into a bike, then with your large frame, Go Cannondale! Ride your current bike and get in some base miles. Prep for next year. I say go make your purchase between Nov./Dec. Before the Christmas rush! When the local bike shop is bitting nails waiting for business. Should be able to get into a R800 for a $1000 with a trade in. Dont do a lay a way. You may not get the deal you want and have to pay the asking price. Pay cash using your bike as trade in. If the bike shop is not going to work with you... "Take your business else where, because the next shop wants your business. Dont feel your that you have to be loyal to the local bike shop."...(ME). If racing is your intention, DO NOT GET A TRIPLE!

"If its your wife that wont let you spend over $600, then what makes you think she is going to let you train, get a new wife."...just funnin!