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Maintenance/Servicing Spinergy Rev-X wheels(1 post)

Maintenance/Servicing Spinergy Rev-X wheelsneo
Jun 26, 2002 1:50 PM
I have some "long in the tooth" Spinergy Rev-X wheels. Last week, I began hearing some clicks and pops from the wheels.Carbon blades are intact, it seems like its coming from the hubs or rear cassette area. They have never really been serviced and have a good number of miles on them. The bearings are sealed. Is there any tips or maintenance issues that I should do to keep the wheels running like they were just a few days ago? They are fast and my goal is to keep them, as the wheelset that I want, the Hed Alps wheels, I cant afford right now.

Any online maintenance guides on self-care for Spinergy's that anyone knows of?

BTW- I am asking for advice only. This is not open for people to respond regarding their disdain for Spinergy wheels or urban-myth safety issues, like a past quesion of mine ended up being. If you dont like Spinergy's, keep it to yourself. Most likely, I have heard it already.

Now thats out of the way, thanks in advance for those who help!!!