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to race or not?just starting out
Jun 21, 2002 7:08 AM
so, i'm in the middle of a 7 week build after a lot of early season racing. there is a road race tomorrow i had thought i might do, but as it draws closer, i'm becoming seriously indecisive (and driving myself crazy). i'm pretty tired from my training and also feeling out of sorts a bit after starting a new diet (nothing restrictive calorie-wise, just trying to get away from lots of sugar and white flour). i've gained some weight from this (had best be short-term!) and consequently my confidence is not super high. should i wait until my build period is over and diet/weight feel more normalized or should I just get over all of this crap and do the race? Any input?!
re: to race or not?CARBON110
Jun 21, 2002 7:38 AM
Well, unless its a really important race to you...who cares about your weight? Raceing is fun and the best training. I raced more this year so far than all last year out together. The important races I made sure I felt good and had the mentality to do well. The mind game is important. Go race if you are going to have fun. If you show up at the front line thinking " I am experienced and have trained well this year, so today I will have some fun " then you will most likely beat the guys thinking too much...did I eat enough...did I sleep enough...did I rest enough...CHRIS HORNER said this year has been the best for him because he has been totally relaxed. Unless you think you might get ill...go have some fun and don't take every race so seriously unless you have a goal for that race.
Some races I do my only goal is to finish in the top 20 if I have had a 16-18 hour training week the week before I know my body is not going to perform tip top. Other races I plan on the top 5 places when I know the race suits me and my scheduel suits me. Go have some fun...enjoy being in the peloton :)
By the way, I think understanding and setting goals for every race is key to the level of enjoyment you get out of it. I see rookies all the time on the front of the group expending their energy cause they are so wired. The expectations get too high or group tactics don't work for your plan. Be able to improvise. It always good to stay nearthe front though to avoid crashes. But remember, there maybe typical behavior in races but no race is ever the same. Some races the group woll chase everything, others nothing. Sometimes its flat out from the start, others its lazy. Don't think about what might happen or when, just watch what does and react. Unless you have another plan and the race is REALLY important. Good luck!
re: to race or not?No_sprint
Jun 21, 2002 2:10 PM
Good reply. I suggest you do, just to get back out and do it. Similarly, I have no plans but just to pack finish this weekend. I'm feeling completely out of whack, unprepared, not properly trained, a touch overweight, etc. I'm bouncing back from an overtrained, burned out period. Got three in a row each Sunday as a matter of fact and I'm really looking forward to it. Good luck.