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Damn this is hard!(10 posts)

Damn this is hard!ski4x
Jun 20, 2002 5:55 AM
Last week I bumped up my intensity and time on the bike and think I paid the price. On Monday RHR was still normal, was a day off for me, so didnt ride. Tuesday, I wake up with a very slight scratchy throat and my RHR is 8 beats faster than normal. No sleep problems though. This puzzles me, as I would have expected it to be that way on Monday after a week of hard workouts, if it was going to happen, not after a rest day.

Anyway, I decide to take Tuesday off. Wednesday, still elevated HR, so just did a very easy ride instead of my normal intervals. Today, HR still slightly elevated , so will propably go the rest of the week easy. Scratchy throat no more.

This is very frustrating and so hard to force yourself not to go out there and hammer as I have a race this Sunday.

I think I caught it in time before I spent any time hammering in the overtraining zone, but expected my RHR to have come back to normal by now?
To all those that have been in the same boat, any advice on how long it took for them to "stabilize" before being able to get back into the normal training plan again?

Waiting Impatiently
Sounds more like you're sick than over trainedPack Meat
Jun 20, 2002 6:42 AM
It's difficult determining where you are or why your body is reacting the way it is. You may be sick, you may be overtrained, maybe you ate to much the night before. If you wake up with an elevated HR it doesn't absolutely dictate that you are over trained. If your HR is up and you feel like crap on the bike after an hour of easy riding than you know that you should take it easy. To answer your question about stabilization, here's the correct answer, it depends. Depends on what you consider normal, how quickly your body adapts to increased stress, etc. It could be a month or two of stressing your body at the higher level and then allowing proper recovery (growth) before you don't feel the effects of the increased stress. When the time comes that you don't feel like your pushing it, well, congrats, it's time to up the training again.

that's my $.02,
Sounds more like you're sick than over trainedski4x
Jun 20, 2002 7:07 AM
PM, I dont think Im sick as I feel pretty good. Yesterday on the bike although it was easy, I felt great, legs felt like they were ready to go, I was ready to go, but my RHR prevented me from doing so. I also did notice that on my easy ride, my HR would rise pretty quickly at the slightest incline and was very difficult to keep it in the easy zone.
Thanks for you input!
hr rising quickly...TomS
Jun 20, 2002 9:05 AM
I have that problem too; but I pretty much decided that it's just the way my body reacts. As i've gotten in better shape, my hr drops quicker - there are some tough climbs that I do where my heart rate just skyrockets, and it used to not go down again until I was almost all the way down the other side. Now it'll drop right away as I crest the hill, so I've been using that as a guage for how fit I'm getting.

Even on slight inclines and false flats, it goes up higher than I think it should, even though by any other measure I'm not pushing very hard (still breathing through my nose, able to talk, etc). It makes it hard to judge how easy to go for a recovery ride...

I'm definitely not in racing shape though, so maybe this will change as I get in better shape, I don't know. It's just what I've observed.
hr rising quickly... that's goodPack Meat
Jun 20, 2002 9:21 AM
Overtraining is when your HR doesn't rise and you can't push it up. Don't worry about RHR, it's going to be higher if you're stressing your body. I know that I'm well rested when my HR shoots up to 175 on the first hill. The day or two before by recovery period I can't it to go above 160. Listen to your body, if you feel like you're ready to go after an hours warm up, go. Is this advice contrary to Friel or Carmicheal?
Good Question? (nm)ski4x
Jun 20, 2002 9:46 AM
not sureTomS
Jun 20, 2002 10:29 AM
After reading many articles about using a heart rate monitor during training, I found that I was making the classic "beginners mistake" of not going easy enough on recovery rides. But it is hard for me because it is *so* easy for my hr to rise that I have a really hard time keeping it in a recovery zone; even when I feel like I'm pedaling easily I've seen it go up into zone 3 on a hill. I assumed that meant I wasn't in very good shape.

But you're right, they do also say that not being able to make your heart rate rise is a sign of overtraining. So I guess I'm confused.

Actually my heart rate monitor might be suspect - it usually works ok, as far as I can tell, but once in a while it will show 220-something when I'm still warming up; and I'm pretty sure that's not right! It's a polar a3, just got it this spring.
HR Spiking: Electrical Interferencedirtyheel
Jun 20, 2002 11:01 AM
I ride with a Polar A5 and I notice that occasionally my HRM will start going nuts, saying that my HR is at 120% of max. After checking my heart to make sure it hasn't exploded without my noticing, I've noticed that it's always at certain intersections. I think there's something about the sensors at some intersections or something.

I don't think it's a defective HRM...
Jun 20, 2002 11:12 AM
I usually start my rides the same way, for the first several miles anyway; and that's when it usually goes nuts. But I usually end up checking it at the same intersection(s), and later on during a flat stretch that goes right past a big mess of power equipment (don't know what it's called, but there's a huge convergence of power lines and a lot of transistor boxes in a fenced in area next to the road).

I had thought it was because the water I put on the chest strap had dried up, but I hadn't started sweating yet, so it had a bad connection. But electrical interference makes a lot more sense; a lack of contact with my chest would cause a zero reading instead of a spike.

Sorry to drift off the original topic, but that's been bugging me for a while...
a big mess of power equipment? sub station (nm)Pack Meat
Jun 20, 2002 12:00 PM
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